Brae Leni – Fine with Me: Soulfully High-Vibe Rhythmic RnB

It’s probably safe to say if you were a fan of Pharrell Williams 2013 hit Happy, you’re going to love lyricist & producer Brae Leni’s latest track Fine with Me. The Little Rock, Arkansas based artist has gained quite the following with his uniquely enigmatic rhythmically soulful sound. It would probably be a different story if ‘Fine with Me’ was written by a woman, perhaps the irony was riddled into the track? Who knows. But Fine with Me is an upbeat track that’s almost a little too upbeat. I totally get that good vibes need to be put out on their air waves, yet, I can’t help but mourn the lack of substance behind the lyrics to the track. But there’s no doubting the decadence behind the contemporary rhythmically RnB soul track that is guaranteed to move you even if the lyrics don’t.

Check out the official music video to Brae Leni’s latest mix Fine with Me on YouTube

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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