Billy Wild – Way It Is: Nine Inch Nails on Acid

It takes a bold artist to release a track named Way It Is, I’m sure we’ll never forget 2Pac’s track. Yet Billy Wild’s latest release which dropped April 2018 is an unfathomably brilliant single is nothing but bold.

The beat is like nothing I’ve ever heard before, it may even be on steroids, with his approach to his sound he puts to shame every Alternative artist that has ever tried their hand at creating a massive beat. Way It Is mixes in elements of Industrial synth driven EDM with hookish soaring guitars to throw in a Metal influence on the sound, but to be quite honest, it’s impossible to put a pin in Billy Wild’s style. It’s raucously unfathomable, yet Wild’s vocals are for the most part sensually harmonious with a slight reminiscence to vocalists such as Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age).

You can check out the frankly sublime official music video to Way It Is on YouTube where Wild clearly demonstrated his abilities as video director and editor, or give the up & coming artist a follow on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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