Billie Bodega – ‘Preciate: Melancholically Hypnotic Urban Electro Pop

Whilst Billie Bodega is more than capable of holding her own in her melancholically hypnotic mixes, for the standout single “’Preciate” from her debut album “Koo da Ta” she teamed up with vocalist Dominique to add even more depth to the mix. Together, the two artists layered the resonant single with plenty of evocative harmony. The perfect polish of the production allowed the vocals to rest above the progressive beat which incorporated elements of Hip Hop, Electro Pop and Soul. The only flaw to ‘Preciate is the fact it took this long for the LA-based up and coming artist to showcase her individualistically resounding style.

If Billie Bodgega’s rhythmically commanding style sounds like it would make a good addition to your playlists, head on over to Spotify and check ‘Preciate out for yourselves. There’s plenty of diversity packed into her debut album, so make sure to check it out in full.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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