ATLxLA – Dazed: Psychedelically Inspired Hip Hop

If you like your Hip Hop soaked in Funk and Groove, then ATLxLA’s recent mix Dazed almost definitely deserves a place on your progressive Hip Hop playlists. As the track unfolds you’re given a taste of ATLxLA’s inventively prodigal yet simultaneously Old School approach to the urban genre.

A synergetic mix of acoustic and digital instruments are used to create a multi-layer beat which bleeds pure, infectious resonance into the track. In parts it did feel that there was a little too much going on to really get into the lyrics which were being furiously versed through charismatic delivery, yet this just gives you even more of a reason to revisit the soundscape, because every time you do, different waves of the LA Hip Hop beats crash over you.

ATLxLA is the triple threat when it comes to beats, lyrics, and versing, the up and coming Rap artist teamed up with Cloud Beatz to ensure every pitch sat at the perfect level in this lucidly rhythmic aural offering.

You can check out ATLxLA’s single Dazed which dropped July 18th, 2018 on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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