Ashxs – Lover Boy: A Lo-Fi High-Vibe Anti-Love Story

Fort Worth, Texas Hip Hop rising star Ashxs has just dropped his 8 track EP ‘Lover Boy’. The paradoxical EP title kinda throws you off, as you prepare for a myriad of soulfully romantic sounds, yet the sound is infinitely better than that. The title track Lover Boy was produced by Nicholas Allen, it has a low-key, lo-fi sound that amplifies the innocence and the vulnerability of this no-holds-barred track. In Ashxs’ other tracks, he usually sticks to rapping about getting high, so Lover Boy totally caught me off guard. The trap style beat jangles under the heavy reverb of the track that creates a down-tempo immersive experience for you to get sucked into. Ashxs introduced the track with tentatively paced spoken word after setting the pace he seamlessly slides into an angsty rap verse that really helps you to taste the poison he’s spitting to all the Gold Diggers who have got him pissed.

You can check out Ashxs new single on SoundCloud using the link below:

For more sounds head on over to Ashxs’ official website:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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