Arshad Releases Video For Pop Track ‘Shine’

We’ve all felt our playlists grow stale. We’ve seen artists stagnate after a successful stint and attempts to remain overly-consistent. When this happens, we don’t dislike our favorite songs and styles, we simply need to let them breathe. We need something to rejuvenate our faith that there’s more to this scene then the same loops and lines that we’ve already played to death. If you’re feeling anything remotely similar at this moment, Arshad is the artist you’re looking for.

Shine is a song that brings a completely different perspective to current hip hop. While fitting in thematically with familiar beats and attitude, Arshad utilizes instruments that frankly get overlooked in western music. He also creates some powerful imagery with his verses that feels overall more positive than a lot of similar artists. This is a song for people who love hip hop for the music but don’t like to listen to the lyrics too deeply. It’s okay folks, Arshad’s here for you. Shine is an ideal hybrid between giving people what they want and refusing to create without creativity. Drop it on a playlist with your favourite artists and suddenly you’ll have significantly more range to enjoy than you realized you could have without moving towards a completely different genre.

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