The Ardvark Felon – Love, Life and old VHS tapes

You have to love an artist that comes with his own inbuilt high-brow joke in their name, and knowing that Ardvark Felon is actually an anagram of his real name, if you can live with the poetic license of the spelling, is an immediate tick in the box. And musically the ticks keep coming. Where is Home is a nostalgic inspired by some old home videos and is a subtle mix of psych-pop and folky balladry.

Normally found ploughing a trippy, jazz-rock furrow, here he takes a more understated path, tugs at heartstrings, serenades the simpler pleasures and the people that matter, it is a paean to the past, our collective youths and the transition from innocent dreams to adult realities. It is a ballad at heart, built of emotionally driven personal narratives and rich vocal tones but never cliche or syrupy and  there is some wonderful sonic augmentation. Nothing too dominating, just additional details, which gently colour the musical landscape, enrich the flavours of the song and add some extra depth. Less is indeed more…much more.

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