Antonio Luis – To You: A Cinematic Pop Ballad Debut

As soul-driven ballads go, very few are as indulgently heartfelt as up and coming artist’s Antonio Luis’s debut single “To You”. The down tempo EDM beat has a seamlessly steady progression to create an ambient slow-jam vibe which is uplifted by orchestral effect. Whilst the single was absolutely flawless in terms of melody and production and will undoubtedly be of massive commercial appeal, I still felt as though there was very little in the way of excitement to be found in the soundscape. I’d love to hear a more authentic and memorable approach to the Pop genre in the future which shows us the full range of Antonio Luis’ vocal capacity. His first single To You may have proven that he’s mastered the slow and steady soundscape, yet he’s still got a long way to come in terms of stamping down his own signature sound.

You can check out Antonio Luis’s latest single To You by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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