An Ode To The Past: Conrad Ashton is at his genuine best on ‘Those Were The Days’

Conrad Ashton Those Were The Days

Making his much-anticipated return with ‘Those Were The Days‘, which is a full band version from Conrad Ashton’s hugely successful ‘No Post On Sundays‘ EP from August 2020. This is a wonderfully performed track all about being strong and keeping the good memories from the past in your mind forever, whilst looking forward to new adventures.

Conrad Ashton is a soulful indie modern rock singer-songwriter who performs with his heart on the sleeve for us to see, his voice emanates through the cloudy skies to bring hope that seemed lost, his passion is strong and his message is always positive and forward-thinking.

“A song of reflection on the past and being strong with those around you moving forward.”- Conrad Ashton

Recorded at Blank Studios, Newcastle Upon Tyne, you feel the air of compassion from his captivating vocals, as he urges us to walk through the unknown as you know that you will never be alone if you have a loyal group of friends. Walking through the doubts and finding the light, is the only way to go as things will fall into place, if you believe in yourself enough.

Those Were The Days’ from the extremely likable and humble soul Conrad Ashton, is a rocking journey to finding peace inside you, as you think about what happened before, but boldly evolve and re-invent yourself to be better each day.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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