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Met You: Ben Medlock doesn’t want their picture to fade away on ‘Living Thing’

With the wind gushing at his strong sails as he sings with so much honesty and desire, Ben Medlock is rather tremendous on his excellent new single ‘Living Thing‘.

Ben Medlock is the Co-founder and CTO of SwiftKey who is also a thriving indie-folk/pop singer-songwriter with a dashing vocal ability that will have you beaming all over your glowing smile.

After graduating with a PhD from the University of Cambridge, Ben Medlock has dedicated his life to machine learning and also thinking outside the box. You feel this scintillating quality via his new single ‘Living Thing‘, which shows a side to him that so many were unaware of. There is an easy-going nature to his voice that causes you to completely daydream and think about that special soul in your life, or that person who you wish you could be with right now.

Ben has had a varied career as a teacher, researcher, entrepreneur, investor and advisor. He has always loved music and started writing and recording as a teenager. His songs are about life’s many experiences and unanswered questions.” ~ Ben Medlock

Living Thing‘ from the wonderfully talented businessman and soulful indie singer-songwriter Ben Medlock, is a terrific single all about staying free and wanting to live with that spontaneous edge, rather than being bogged down with the stale norm. He sings with such outstanding fervour and filled with cleverly-pencilled lyrics, that has you feeling that this is just the start of his burgeoning career.

After achieving so much in business and academics, perhaps this is the time when Ben takes his creative skill-set to a whole new world. Winning at whatever challenge comes his way, is ultimately what this highly impressive man does.

Hear this terrific new single here and feel the winds of calm ravish your whole soul.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She’s Crazy: Southern Indiana rockers Blind Perception just know they have dived ‘In Too Deep’

Following up from 2020’s well-received six-track EP named ‘Industrial Raunch‘, Blind Perception busts open the creaking doors down to the ground with the hindsight-heavy track that has you pondering your past encounters on ‘In Too Deep‘.

Blind Perception is a Banger Music and Josie Music award-nominated Southern Indiana-based four-piece indie-rock/blues/southern band who keep it old school good times all the way.

When we create a song, we just go where it takes us. Whatever rock style comes out, so be it.”  ~ Blind Perception

On a whopping beat that tastes so good for our starved palates to dig curiously into, there is so much to bite on here with a song that has you stompin’ your feet to. With ravishingly memorable riffs and soulful vocals – each lyric is totally honest and more than true – as you look back into your own life and shake your head with that all-knowing cheeky grin. Even if you haven’t experienced this feeling of being with the wrong person yourself, we all know someone who has.

In Too Deep‘ from the highly entertaining and free-spirited Southern Indiana indie southern rock act Blind Perception, is a regret-filled track about being with the wrong woman who clawed strenuously at your underwhelmed soul, and took many pieces to greedily claim forever. With some sensational solo’s at every rum-soaked corner – this is a wild child plunge of a release – which has you feeling so reflective about those life changing moments you come across in life.

Be careful who you give your heart to is the message here, as those lustful moments can certainly shatter your heart soon enough.

Hear this top quality new single on their Spotify and see more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kept My Thoughts Hidden From You: The radiant Haley Greene reminisces about when they were so ‘Golden’ together

As she bravely releases her first song for after five years due to tragically losing her younger sister Kristin in such traumatic circumstances, Haley Greene is absolutely magnificent on a sensationally enchanting track which will have you wholeheartedly admiring her ‘Golden‘ voice.

Soulful indie-pop artist and naturally creative Haley Greene, is a well-traveled commercial airline flight attendant based in New York City, who has returned to her true love of music after a completely understandable hiatus.

After releasing her stunning four-track ‘Revisiting Doors EP‘ from 2016, its so wonderfully pleasing to see a musician of this class return in prime form, to bring some much-needed beauty to this rather odd world.

As the daughter of an American diplomat and a Filipino immigrant, I had the unconventional upbringing of living overseas for most of my childhood. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Saudi Arabia, Mozambique, Guam, and Ecuador, I was able to experience music styles from vastly different cultures that revealed one commonality: the unifying aspect of music.” ~ Haley Greene

On a sumptuous beat that dazzles sweetly into your awaiting soul, there is so much to love about her luscious vocals which somehow seem to get better and better throughout this captivating track. Haley Greene is breathtakingly alluring on each second – as she seems to have sensational superpowers – that has your mind suddenly calm and centered throughout this unforgettable experience.

After being inspired by the cinematic scores of my favorite movies and the 80’s synths i grew up listening to in my dad’s car, I picked up a guitar and began writing songs.” ~ Haley Greene

Golden‘ from the world class New York City-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and guitarist Haley Greene, is the sadly relevant story of being with someone in your past who shows so much incredible light and potential when they are with you. Unfortunately over time that once-attractive shine soon fades into the shadows and you see who they really are, as you wonder why they couldn’t step up so you could be together forever. Sung with such glowing grace and exquisite tenderness by a truly skilled artist, this is a truly memorable single from a superlative talent.

That golden feeling is so special and rather addictive. You know it when you feel it all over your body, and sense it when it isn’t there too.

Hear this excellent new single on Spotify and see her IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dances In The Spotlight: Groovy Nashville band Tear Ducks return after heartbreak with that glowing ‘Shine’

After a few unforeseen delays and waiting longer than they expected for their ten-track album ‘Another Late Night‘ to drop, Tear Ducks wipe away the tears as they move on swiftly from someone who wasn’t worth it on ‘Shine‘.

Tear Ducks is a happy-go-lucky Nashville, Tennessee-based indie soft-rock band with a real soulful vibration. They make that introspective type of vibe that has you rather thoughtful and also feeling warm inside from their welcoming style.

After a series of graduations, breakups, and job moves, former bandmates of several projects return to their suburban Nashville hometown after an 8 year hiatus of playing together.” – Tear Ducks

The vocals here are super chilled and kind of reminds you of Dr Dog back in the day, with an authentic sound that is never too rushed, and always honest to the core bone. You feel a sense of reflection here as you remember when you met someone who thought that they were too good for you – and moved on to their dream human – whilst leaving you with a sour taste in your mouth. However, you were happy that it happened, as then you could move onto greener pastures.

Shine‘ from the super mellow and meant-to-be-jamming-together Nashville-based indie soft-rock band Tear Ducks, shows us into a true story that has you wishing that they would take a chance on you, but don’t seem to want to. Sometimes you think that you should be with a soul that seems to be the right person at first, when actually you two couldn’t be more different in reality.

Stream this new awesome single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

An Ode To The Past: Conrad Ashton is at his genuine best on ‘Those Were The Days’

Making his much-anticipated return with ‘Those Were The Days‘, which is a full band version from Conrad Ashton’s hugely successful ‘No Post On Sundays‘ EP from August 2020. This is a wonderfully performed track all about being strong and keeping the good memories from the past in your mind forever, whilst looking forward to new adventures.

Conrad Ashton is a soulful indie modern rock singer-songwriter who performs with his heart on the sleeve for us to see, his voice emanates through the cloudy skies to bring hope that seemed lost, his passion is strong and his message is always positive and forward-thinking.

“A song of reflection on the past and being strong with those around you moving forward.”- Conrad Ashton

Recorded at Blank Studios, Newcastle Upon Tyne, you feel the air of compassion from his captivating vocals, as he urges us to walk through the unknown as you know that you will never be alone if you have a loyal group of friends. Walking through the doubts and finding the light, is the only way to go as things will fall into place, if you believe in yourself enough.

Those Were The Days’ from the extremely likable and humble soul Conrad Ashton, is a rocking journey to finding peace inside you, as you think about what happened before, but boldly evolve and re-invent yourself to be better each day.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Is it love or a just a game: Chloey Rose is at her glorious best with ‘Hearts on the Line’

With flowers blowing in her straightened blonde hair, the captivating talent of England’s Chloey Rose, sings with that sweetly honey-tipped beauty that calms all blustery winds, on her latest incredibly well-received single called ‘Hearts on the Line‘.

Chloey Rose is a soulful indie-pop singer-songwriter, model and actress, based in Lincolnshire in the UK. She makes that romantic music that quickens your heartbeat, broadens your smile and puts your mind at ease, reminding you gently that life can be simple if you want it to be.

This is the story of wanting to know if this is that real love that you have wanted your whole life. You have fluttering butterflies in your knotted stomach and feel like this could be love at first sight. This journey has been long and you desire someone that will catch you when you fall and support you throughout the ups and downs of life.

Chloey’s effortless tone throughout her new single, has your eyes watering slightly as you sway your body to each lyric sung. She shows her class on this wonderfully created love song, that blows kisses into your blushing speakers.

Hearts on the Line‘ from the stunning talent of Lincolnshire’s Chloey Rose that was co-written and produced by Harry David, is that specially created song that you hold close and never let go. She has the voice of a genuine angel that is soaring so high right now, but she remains humble and grounded-her self-awareness glowing brightly-as she spreads this wonderful creation to us to embrace.

Love can be a heartbreaking game if you chose incorrectly but when you get it right and find someone that truly cares about you, your souls connect organically and your bond becomes almost unbreakable, no matter what obstacles you face.

Find this lovely video on YouTube, hear this lovers anthem on Spotify and see her fast-rising and exciting career on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Doing things your own way: ‘A Different Way’ from DEMO is an exciting journey of self-discovery

The enthusiastically exuberant start jump-starts you into the groove right away. There are some Pharrell Williams influences here, as the funky fresh style and vibrant voice, plows through the unnecessarily noisy 2020, and into your mind. With so much to like here, you suddenly feel a happy sensation in all of your tired bones, that helps you heal rather quickly. ‘A Different Way‘ is such a fun listen from DEMO as he makes each listener a new fan, due to his self-aware lyrics, and his style makes you smile again.

This is about caring so much for the one you love and realizing that you are actually so different. The funky rhythm is so catchy and you find yourself sliding all the way around your lounge, with the neighbors getting into the fun too. The beat is so constantly fun and never gives up as you keep on looking up to the sky, shaking off all self-doubt that is dragging you into the sticky sand of the world.

His voice drags you into the story, you feel like he isn’t holding back here, and is being so honest about himself. A self-aware single with soul, is what the world needs, to help clear the dark thoughts of millions out there, all looking for inspiration through music.

A Different Way‘ from the excitingly electric talent of DEMO is the call to express yourself clearly, and to be totally honest, no matter what comes around in your world.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Love that slides in to make it right: Jop & Grace Walker soulfully lift the gloom on ‘Thief in the Night’

The beat captures your imagination like staring at Table Mountain for the first time, your heart beats a bit faster and you meet that person that was a stranger a few hours ago. Your eyes lock in and you know this is going to be a fun night. London based trumpeter, keyboardist & writer Jop joins forces the gorgeous vocals of Grace Walker, and they burst into our lives with the soulfully sweet sounds of ‘Thief in the Night‘.

The beat is quickly in sync to what we need as there is so much soul here. Her voice is so magnificent and graceful, just like her name. The two are so connected to making an absolute classic here. This is about meeting a person that you want to connect with and your heart has been taken already. You know you need to be careful but the lust is so quick to draw you in.

There are so many influences here that make this such a great listen from Jop & Grace Walker, as you close your eyes and just smile in that goofy grin that makes you feel good. The rhythm is galvanizing and everything is alright again with the world. They don’t make music like ‘Thief in the Night‘ anymore, and a throwback to those good old days is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Find that love again with the single on Spotify and see more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Atlanta R&B singer Diamonn shows us her incredible vocal ability on ‘Blame Me’

Atlanta R&B singer Diamonn shows us her incredible vocal ability on ‘Blame Me‘ and this is such a strong effort from a musician with substance. She certainly delivers on this new single and we need to all take notice.

A recently enrolled student at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, you get the feeling that this young artist is just getting started. She has that quiet confidence which has to be admired. This is a well-brought up young lady, she has class and is creative, her strength is clear to see. She wasn’t accepted at Berklee last year so what did she do? Give up and blame everyone? No, she applied again and won. That is called backing yourself.

You blame yourself for what has happened and are taking the time to have a think about everything. They have a hold over you and you blame yourself for catching feelings, you couldn’t help it. You are now going to be stronger and wiser from this experience.

Blame Me‘ from Diamonn is a bright song, full of fantastic visuals and she shows the world that this is an artist who is here to stay. The Atlanta singer is a shining light in a dark year for the world.

Click here for the YouTube page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mika Mamon is quite simply effortless on ‘Holiday Romance’

Mika Mamon is a UK-based singer-songwriter, originally from the Philippines. She is now based in Saltburn on the North Yorkshire Coast. She is quite simply effortless on ‘Holiday Romance‘ and this is a lovely new single about sweet love.

Mika is a nurse, singer-songwriter and she loves people, music and good vibes. A signed artist from Slider Records, she is fully focused on making music that is positive for the soul. No fake music is allowed and this is music from the heart. You might be a bit worried about what this is all going to do but things happen for the best.

With succulent vocals, Mika has the ability to put you in a better place than before. ‘Holiday Romance‘ from Mika Mamon is a fine effort, this is the type of music that makes you smile. You lay back and wonder of better times in the world. This is that romance kind of song that keeps you lifted and in good spirits.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen