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Doing things your own way: ‘A Different Way’ from DEMO is an exciting journey of self-discovery

The enthusiastically exuberant start jump-starts you into the groove right away. There are some Pharrell Williams influences here, as the funky fresh style and vibrant voice, plows through the unnecessarily noisy 2020, and into your mind. With so much to like here, you suddenly feel a happy sensation in all of your tired bones, that helps you heal rather quickly. ‘A Different Way‘ is such a fun listen from DEMO as he makes each listener a new fan, due to his self-aware lyrics, and his style makes you smile again.

This is about caring so much for the one you love and realizing that you are actually so different. The funky rhythm is so catchy and you find yourself sliding all the way around your lounge, with the neighbors getting into the fun too. The beat is so constantly fun and never gives up as you keep on looking up to the sky, shaking off all self-doubt that is dragging you into the sticky sand of the world.

His voice drags you into the story, you feel like he isn’t holding back here, and is being so honest about himself. A self-aware single with soul, is what the world needs, to help clear the dark thoughts of millions out there, all looking for inspiration through music.

A Different Way‘ from the excitingly electric talent of DEMO is the call to express yourself clearly, and to be totally honest, no matter what comes around in your world.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Love that slides in to make it right: Jop & Grace Walker soulfully lift the gloom on ‘Thief in the Night’

The beat captures your imagination like staring at Table Mountain for the first time, your heart beats a bit faster and you meet that person that was a stranger a few hours ago. Your eyes lock in and you know this is going to be a fun night. London based trumpeter, keyboardist & writer Jop joins forces the gorgeous vocals of Grace Walker, and they burst into our lives with the soulfully sweet sounds of ‘Thief in the Night‘.

The beat is quickly in sync to what we need as there is so much soul here. Her voice is so magnificent and graceful, just like her name. The two are so connected to making an absolute classic here. This is about meeting a person that you want to connect with and your heart has been taken already. You know you need to be careful but the lust is so quick to draw you in.

There are so many influences here that make this such a great listen from Jop & Grace Walker, as you close your eyes and just smile in that goofy grin that makes you feel good. The rhythm is galvanizing and everything is alright again with the world. They don’t make music like ‘Thief in the Night‘ anymore, and a throwback to those good old days is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Find that love again with the single on Spotify and see more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Atlanta R&B singer Diamonn shows us her incredible vocal ability on ‘Blame Me’

Atlanta R&B singer Diamonn shows us her incredible vocal ability on ‘Blame Me‘ and this is such a strong effort from a musician with substance. She certainly delivers on this new single and we need to all take notice.

A recently enrolled student at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, you get the feeling that this young artist is just getting started. She has that quiet confidence which has to be admired. This is a well-brought up young lady, she has class and is creative, her strength is clear to see. She wasn’t accepted at Berklee last year so what did she do? Give up and blame everyone? No, she applied again and won. That is called backing yourself.

You blame yourself for what has happened and are taking the time to have a think about everything. They have a hold over you and you blame yourself for catching feelings, you couldn’t help it. You are now going to be stronger and wiser from this experience.

Blame Me‘ from Diamonn is a bright song, full of fantastic visuals and she shows the world that this is an artist who is here to stay. The Atlanta singer is a shining light in a dark year for the world.

Click here for the YouTube page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Mika Mamon is quite simply effortless on ‘Holiday Romance’

Mika Mamon is a UK-based singer-songwriter, originally from the Philippines. She is now based in Saltburn on the North Yorkshire Coast. She is quite simply effortless on ‘Holiday Romance‘ and this is a lovely new single about sweet love.

Mika is a nurse, singer-songwriter and she loves people, music and good vibes. A signed artist from Slider Records, she is fully focused on making music that is positive for the soul. No fake music is allowed and this is music from the heart. You might be a bit worried about what this is all going to do but things happen for the best.

With succulent vocals, Mika has the ability to put you in a better place than before. ‘Holiday Romance‘ from Mika Mamon is a fine effort, this is the type of music that makes you smile. You lay back and wonder of better times in the world. This is that romance kind of song that keeps you lifted and in good spirits.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Chicago singer-songwriter D’Zhari drops dramatic visuals for ‘Alone’

Chicago singer-songwriter D’Zhari has just dropped her dramatic visuals for the new single called ‘Alone‘.

An artist who aims for the listener to be provided with soul food, she strives to create a blended style drawing upon R&B, Soul, and Jazz to lift the spirits of her audience. D’Zhari certainly reaches her goal, her voice so elegant and the music so well-made, from love.

D’Zhari sings with such passion on ‘Alone‘. You can see that she doesn’t want to do this journey all by herself, the thought of it is so scary for the lovely singer. She has such a fine voice, the style is so elegant and always with class. In a genre that can be so smutty, she is the guiding light here that proves that great music still wins. This is an R&B track all about not wanting to face this world alone, which as humans we shouldn’t be subjected to. facing the world as a team is much better. This is a quality track, full of love and heart.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Seaker sings with such elegance on the awe-inspiring new single ‘You’

Seaker sings with such elegance on the brilliantly-made and awe-inspiring new single ‘You‘.

After growing up in the North East of England in the UK, Kiran Hungin is a singer-songwriter with a mysterious feel to her. She doesn’t post much on Social Media and makes incredible music that is made so well. This is a proper singer, not worried about the glitz and glamour, she only wants to sing and inspire those around her.

“I try to make music that is epic and delicate at the same time. I love those spine-tingly moments when there’s an emotional twist in a song or a tiny whispered vocal moves into a huge layered block of sound. I think for a while I associated art with sadness and only took something seriously in an artistic sense if it was melancholic. That shows still in how I write, though I also feel very full of hope and wonder, so it’s not all doom and gloom.”

This is a glorious song, full of high notes and made with so much love. Seaker sings with such beauty which is often lost in this burnt world that needs a lot of tlc. ‘You‘ is a stunning effort from the UK singer who has a voice that puts you in a different place. I feel relaxed and the world seems a bit safe thanks to this terrific track.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Head through here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Muca & La Marquise release fantastic animated video for ‘Blue Moon Bossa’

Blue Moon Bossa‘ is Muca & La Marquise‘s animated music video that was made by Ed Murray and this is a gem of note.

Muca & La Marquise, the brainchild of London based songwriter and music producer Muca, is a music project that uses sound and vision to bring to life a 22 year old girl who possesses a hauntingly unique voice that will inspire the hearts of everyone. She certainly does this to emasculate standards.

You feel like you are in outer space, the love is so vivid and you can’t look away. Love can be blind but sometimes you have to go for it and take that jump. You might fall in love and for that, you must try and see if this is what is meant to be.

Blue Moon Bossa‘ from Muca & La Marquise is a stunning song and the visuals are so well-made. This is a soulful track, made with love. There are indie-jazz droplets of goodness here and this is a video to put on again and again. The beauty here is so evident and these two just made a masterpiece here.

Click here for the YouTube page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


RnB artist Aliza Li takes us right back to the Old School with “7th Grade Complex”

Aliza Li has breezed onto the airwaves with her fresh new NeoSoul drop 7th Grade Complex featuring Dessy. Some people may leave high school behind, but the mentality is too hard for some to shake. Aliza Li’s new track perfectly captures the frustration which manifests when dealing with a lack of maturity.

Aliza Li’s soulfully sumptuous stripped-back feat of NeoSoul offers warm glistering tones, blissfully resolving vocals and a compelling lyrical narrative which will keep you hooked from the first verse right up to the last. Dessy’s vocals perfectly round off the track, adding a little vocal bite to the smooth accordance which Aliza Li easily delivers with her notable talent.

You can check out 7th Grade Complex for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Latin Jazzy soul perfectly nurtured with ‘Only Me And You’ from Saudy Familia & Rose Stoller

Only Me And You‘ from Saudy Familia & Rose Stoller is a lovely new entry into 2020 and this mellow love song is an ode to wanting that special moment.

Saudy Familia is a New York based singer-songwriter, producer and composer who has a lovely style that is soaked full of latin jazz that is so soulfully aware. The pioneers of music in his family were his father and his uncle. Each born in the Dominican Republic, his father was a pianist and singer while his uncle was a percussionist. Music is in this artist’s veins.

Only Me And You‘ from Saudy Familia & Rose Stoller comprises some peaceful guitar skills and stunning vocals. These two are a wonderful duo and you can feel the love in this song. This is all about wanting that special time with that one person. This is a story that we can all relate to.

Stream this peaceful new song here on Spotify.

Find out more on the act here on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Leeds singer-songwriter Carmen McLean reminds us to ”Slow Down”

Carmen McLean a 22 year old songwriter based in Leeds in England. She is tremendous talent who is back with an important message with her indie folk message called ”Slow Down”.

Slow Down” is a perfect song for current times by the stunningly voiced Carmen McLean from lovely Leeds in the UK. She is so self-aware and makes the valid point that we all just need to slow right now in order to be happy. With a fast-paced world and so much going on, we need to center ourselves and take it easy.

Carmen McLean is a fantastic young artist who showcases her talent splendidly here. She plays the guitar with such heart and love. Carmen is one to watch on the UK soon and her calm style and intricate indie folk vibes are a wonder to the ears. Her soulful music adds a touch a class to a wild year.

Slow Down” is one of the most peaceful tracks you will hear in 2020.

Hear this peaceful track to heal those fears on Spotify.

Find out more about Carmen on her Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen