Amira – Mathematics: Piercingly Prodigal Pop

Amira Hairston’s latest track, didn’t wait long before going viral, fans all over the world are soaking up Amira’s empowering Soulful sounds. Her latest hit Mathematics was first dropped on January 4th, 2018, but her seamless R&B track proved to be too much of an infectious hit to stay around on the underground.

There’s a humble air over Amira’s sound, which makes her sound infinitely more amiable, and more importantly real. Her emotionally charged lyrics weave a narrative web of uplifting despair that resonates within her loyal fanbase, helping Amira achieve her dream of being the next rising R&B Pop sensation. Maryland based singer songwriter and journalist Amira takes her influences from acts such as Beyonce, Adele and Usher yet her style is personified to her own sweet rhythm and brought to life by her powerful voice. Amira has had plenty of time to perfect her sound after releasing her first album at the age of just 13, with her enviable determination, there’s no doubt that Amira will taste the success that she craves.

Check out the official music video to Mathematics via YouTube using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast



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