Alto Key – Running with the Wolves: A Polyphonic Portrait of Folk-Pop Perfection

Running with the Wolves is the latest vibrant track from Pop-Folk act Alto Key. Who have just released their debut EP ‘Animals’ which will be available to download from 30th March 2018.  The folk singer-song writer collaboration managed to pull off probably the jingliest tune I’ve ever heard, it’s so damn happy you can’t resist the smile that the beat wants to plaster across your face. I’ve never heard such a vibrantly uplifting track with Indie vocals soaring above it. One things for sure, I’ll never think of the flute the same again after checking out this track with it’s fuzzy reverb and tune that oddly reminded me of the Crusha milkshake advert. I hope I’m not the only one to remember that.

But in all serious, Running with the Wolves is a stunning track orchestrated by an absolute powerhouse of talent and I’m stoked to check out the album.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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