Adée’s – Wasted On You – When the Soluble meets the Solvent

What would you make of that soluble substance that’s been lacking in most of all your “almost-perfect-songs” and “could-have-been-favourite-songs” when what exactly the complimentary ingredient you’ve always been looking out for in a song is still yet to kowtow in obeisance to your quest?

Well, if my intentions stray I’ll wrench them away and take my leave till I get to walk down the aisle of Adée’s musical hallway.

Ok so after my voyage of discovery sometime in 2013, I was awestricken by the ecstatic vibe that abounds in Adée’s style of music — especially when I got to listen to her debut EP ‘One Step Closer’, which surprisingly led to a performance for the Swedish royal couple.

The musical talent of the Swedish songstress and music producer is top notch. Adée started playing flute at the age of nine, at 15 years; she started focusing on singing and rap – a talent that was pushed further by an inspiring teacher and a strong backing from her family. Adée’s drew her inspiration from Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Iggy Azalea and Swedish rapstar, Cleo.

As it is customary, Adée’s new single ‘Wasted on You’ is characterized with an eccentric and euphoric feeling that’s clouded in an ebullient spirit.

Pop music couldn’t have sounded any better than this. The crisp crystal clear vocals and the musical pitch of this artist is so fascinating and extremely wonderful. You’d be thrilled by listening to that voice believe me.

This song is more about unrequited love and betrayal. The bridge of the song is so enchanting and well nailed. I can literally hear myself echoing

Time after time, back to back, she keeps on putting out dope tracks. Adée has not for once failed to deliver an amazing hit and that’s exactly the reason why I so much have this heightened love for work. This song is a great soluble substance that can dissolve in any solvent; no matter what your taste of music is, there’s always something in stock for you when you cling onto Adée’s work because she so triumphantly flickers between soul, hip-hop and pop, combining genres in a modern and creative way.


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