Acty (LYC) – Birds Do Trap: Intricately Immersive Hip Hop

Birds Do Trap is the short and sweet new release from Trap artist Acty (LYC), with his new single he’s stamped down his compellingly succinct style which proves he’s anything but your average emerging artist. His ability to create such an immersive intricate beat was enough to win me over from the first verse. Acty’s chilled approach to his rap bars in the Trip Hop track makes it all too easy for the lyrics to resonate. 420 fans, I can guarantee you will love the momentous style which Acty has created with his latest single, the low tempo pace of the trap beat is the perfect soundscape to vibe out to. The only criticism I would have for Birds Do Trap falls down to the lack of depth in the lyrics, whilst the rhythm and the rhyming structure was compelling, I couldn’t help but notice that the lyrics didn’t really anything offer much to connect with.

You can check out Acty (LYC)’s latest single which was dropped in April 2018 as part of his EP ‘Act’ on SoundCloud now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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