A. Renee – Sunkissed: A Restoratively Effervescent R&B Soul Summer Single.

“Sunkissed” is the second single to be released from up and coming R&B & Soul artist A. Renee which offers a generous serving of vibrant downtempo catharsis.

Sinking into the warm soothing depths of Sunkissed is pretty much non-optional, there’s a slightly vintage feel to the track, yet, it still unfolds as a uniquely compelling soundscape. Also, I’m fairly certain my blood pressure was significantly lowered by the time the track faded out.

While plenty of sun-soaked seasonal singles simply resonate as artists proclaiming, “I’ve got an excuse to write a song!” with A. Renee’s Summer hit, the earthy tones combined with her effortlessly effervescent vocals allow the soundscape to feel sincere, soulful, and sonorous.

Head on over to SoundCloud where you can check out their debut single.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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