92 Keys: The Orchestrally Alchemic Cover of Rolling in The Deep

Just as I thought I was getting tired of Adele’s instant classic with Rolling in the Deep, violin and piano group 92 Keys come along and take my breath away with their orchestrally alchemic cover.

‘Flawless’ isn’t a word I tend to throw around easily. Yet when it comes to 92 Keys and their undeniable talent combined with their ability to drive even more viscerally wounding emotion into an already evocative track, it’s impossible to overstate their classically compelling aural command.

So, if you’re wondering what a piano and violin instrumental cover sounds like, head on over to YouTube where you can check out the stunning official video for yourselves. It will probably feel as though your heart has stopped beating at around 2 and a half minutes in, but you’ll get through it to the spectacular close. I promise.

Rolling in The Deep was just one of the singles 92 Keys turned their deft hands and violin strings to. Check out their latest album ‘Spring of Fire’ where you can find 11 more stunning reinventions of classics from Ed Sheeran to Beethoven.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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