“Wolvez” is a “Humpy Thumpy” smooth hardcore beat with a sizzled heavy musical spar that’s diced so perfectly. The beat is so slick and the hip-hop ingredient that it’s needed to spice up the song wasn’t meager in any way.

This song is a slow hip –hop / rap song that discussed and throw subliminal shades at the political system and the people that currently run the affair on the country at the federal level.

The intro of the song stated off with a rather deliberate noise wipe sounds and a thick reflex hiccup to announce and demonstrated what the theme of the song is all about.

“Wolvez” is a rap music that’s got a lot of deep messages in it, and the artist’s aura and bold pro-active nature of their lyrics makes the song a very interesting piece to haul down on repeat song.

It’s more like what was witnessed during the early days of hip-hop; the era where rappers vent on whatever ill-treatment and every wrong doing that’s created and maintained by the men in black uniform as well as the leaders.

It’s pretty clear that 88 went an extra mile to serve a praiseworthy song that’s wonderfully mastered to their audience. The persuasive vibe of the song and fluent audible smooth hardcore rap style that’s eventful in rendition and the message the song is passing across are the A-list feature that stood out for me in this song.

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