3XIT – Diablo: Euphorically Ambient Engineered EDM

Diablo is the latest new Dance & EDM hit from 3XIT, the euphorically engineered mix is packed full of harsh snares, and a steady driving bassline that carries from the intro right into the climax of the track, where you’ll be hit with the pounding, pulsing drops that really take you down with them.

Every second of the 3:37 duration is infused with a palpable ecstasy that bleed through the sound that has been so deftly orchestrated by 3XIT, one of the most adventurous contenders in the arena of harsh EDM to date.

Diablo carries a pretty ominous narrative of impending doom within the lyrics, which just makes the track sound that little bit sweeter in my morbidly humble opinion.  It would definitely be on my end of the world party playlist, the doomsday clock is ticking, better to check out the track while you still have time. Fans of Skinny Puppy, Covenant, VNV Nation, Showtek & Infected Mushroom will love this track which mixes elements from an array of thrashing sounds from Psytrance to big room.

You can check out Diablo on SoundCloud using the link below:


For more beats head on over to 3XIT’s official website:


Review by Amelia Vandergast

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