The Midnight Dip – Stay for You: Carnivalesque Femme Folk

i hear voices by The Midnight Dip

“Stay for You” is the latest single from Californian-based Soul Funk act the Midnight Dip. Their archaic style isn’t something that you’ll be used to hearing in the mainstream. Instead the quaint style of the Midnight Dip will captivate you through the experimentalism and personability of their sound which blends together Soul, Funk, Jazz and a potent feminine prowess. Whilst the twanging melodies may be novel in part under the versatility of the varying elements of the track, the vocals from Liz Kat bring a stylish sensibility to Stay for You. Fans of Hillbilly Moon Explosion will definitely enjoy what the Midnight Dip have to offer.

You can stream and download the Midnight Dip’s single from their latest album “I Hear Voices” by heading over to Bandcamp now.  On the 5-track EP you’ll be treated to a smorgasbord of sound varying from Polka to Jazz to Funk, yet each track will serve as a looking glass into the female perspective of loss, pain and redemption.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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