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Take a psychonautic pop trip with Zachary James’ rock-licked single, Slide Away

Experimentalism notably wasn’t in short supply in Zachary James’ psychedelic pop-rock album, Intergalactic. The lead single, Slide Away, featuring the staunchly virtuosic guitar work of Frederick Poholek, is a passion-driven trip through the cosmos. Led by distortedly soaring guitar lines, scuzzy synths, and, of course, Zachary James vocals, which emanate a visceral sense of soul into the single, allowing you to imagine what gospel music will sound like 100 years from now. Even if that is a bit of a stretch, it is a million lightyears away from the original version, first put on the airwaves by Miley Cyrus.

The New York-residing Grammy Award-winning artist is best known for his work on Broadway, opera, TV, and film, but now he has set his sights on the airwaves, he will undoubtedly reign supreme on them.

Check out Slide Away with the rest of the spacey LP here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

This Is Your Home: Zachary James takes a chance to ‘Seize The Day’ on another planet

With his voice picture perfect as he lights up the sky above with his new home, Zachary James is in the mood to ‘Seize The Day‘ as he wants to make sure that none of his superior talent is ever wasted in slumber.

Providence, Rhode Island-born, Spring Hill, Florida-raised, New York City-based acclaimed Broadway/TV actor, show host, drummer/percussionist and opera singer Zachary James, makes those wildly entertaining creations, that has you in utter disbelief as this incredible talent only seems to get better through time.

Taken off his latest seven-track album called ‘Exordium‘, this is a sweetly performed song which defies all expectations as he swirls in with calming vocals, in a UFO-inspired song that calls him out to go with them. He sings with such grace and mystique on a track that hears his glorious echos throughout this intriguing experience.

Seize The Day‘ from the multi-talented Zachary James, is that exciting single you have been waiting for as the current world is so strange and only starting to heal now. He performs with such confidence and you can see why he is held in such high esteem. Always press 7 and take your moment when given the opportunity.

Hear this striking song on Spotify and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Zachary James & Rene Orth – Jabberwocky: A Harsh Electronica Sci-Fi Serenade

Electronica artists generally fall into two categories, the assimilators, and those who throw their authentic expression into their projects to create mind-blowing feats of indulgent insanity, ‘Jabberwocky’ from Zachary James’ 2020 album ‘Call Out’, definitely falls into the latter camp.

‘Jabberwocky’ is a theatrically enticing Sci-Fi laden hit which Zachary James created in collaboration with Rene Orth and Lewis Carroll. The progressive track runs through teasing melodic increments before crashing into tremulously bass-drenched Industrial electronica. It doesn’t matter which extreme the tempo is sitting at; you’ll be transfixed from start to finish in the mix which gives Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds a run for its money.

The multitalented artist’s experience as a Broadway actor discernibly fed into the monumental 7-minute visual single which becomes so much more than a soundscape as you embrace the chaos, imagination and cinematic style.

Jabberwocky is available to stream with the rest of the epic 25-tracker album via Spotify.


Review by Amelia Vandergast