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Ready for a new day: Aanvi. S makes her own path through the Light

Taken from her recent 4-track EP called Emotions, Aanvi. S feels like no one will bring her down and we certainly believe her as she has the free spirit needed to succeed in life via her fresh new single called Light.

Aanvi. S is an Auckland, New Zealand-based indie alternative multi-talented and multi-instrumentalist who is youthful in age but performs like an experienced soul who is managed by her supporting parents.

Aanvi also plays the piano, the trumpet, and the viola, and is a keen dancer, learning ballet, contemporary and hip-hop. Her musical influences include Olivia Rodrigo, Adele and Dua Lipa.” ~ taken from Aanvi’s bio

Doing things her own way and creating a path which will surely motivate other youngsters to handle their business, Aanvi. S sees her future is going so fantastically well and is only headed upwards.

Taking us into a whole new world of promise and dropping a single which is rather catchy, this is the kind of release which helps to heal all wounds.

Light from Auckland, New Zealand-based indie singer-songwriter Aanvi. S is such a brilliantly-made pop track. It shows us that music with a positive energy is so valuable, in a world which can sink many happy souls underwater forever.

If you like your music with fervency and poise, this is the kind of song to alleviate all bad moods forever. It’s that good you see.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hundred bucks a gram: New Age Affair drop party anthem for the youth, Come My Way

With a youthful verve and so much enthusiasm to marvel at the journey to enlightenment, New Age Affair shall rocket a fiery track to remember forever on Come My Way.

New Age Affair is a South Dakota-born alternative band that makes fun music with an edgy exterior that all ages can rock out with no matter the weather.

Tightly wrapped inside a car which is replenished with a motivated band on a mission to express themselves fully, New Age Affair roar like hungry lions ready to eat and shall claw their way into many speakers based on this evidence. Showing us the way to get out a notion to the universe, this is a delightful song to play with force and desire when the night is laced with subtle temptations.

Come My Way from South Dakota-born alternative band New Age Affair is a simply fun song which shall ease all worries and pain away. The lyrics are layered with so many truths about humanity’s current mindset intertwined with a rocket-fuel-like sound. Soaring with an upwards trajectory, we are treated to something rather sizzling on the palate to consume with vigour.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Know What You Want: X.A.E wants her to come on over with Say Yes

Taken from his recent 3-track EP called Count To 3, X.A.E might have our speakers melting because of the passionately romantic energy on the sultry new release called Say Yes.

X.A.E is a highly motivated Long Beach, California-based indie RnB artist and model who makes those ear-healing tracks your whole body has been desiring all day.

Guiding us through the whispers and the kisses that have flamed up the windows, X.A.E sings with so much world class eloquence that shall stimulate your senses and get the night started.

Say Yes from the youthful Long Beach, California-based indie RnB artist X.A.E shows us into the bedroom and where the heat is right now. Radiating with so much finessed abandon and lots of smooth talk, this is a heart racing experience that might need a cold shower afterwards.

When your eyes are locked, your heart opens up and glow wonderfully.

Listen up on Spotify and feel the energy blossom on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

California-based The Artist Ren releases hugely creative debut track, ‘Not The Clones!’

Wondering if things are actually what they seem or a fragment of her vividly innovative imagination, The Artist Ren hopes that she can find her real self in the rubble of the copies with her awesome debut single, ‘Not The Clones!‘.

Lauren V aka The Artist Ren is a 16-year-old Simi Valley, California-based indie singer-songwriter who is new on the scene and has dropped a memorable first single.

Soaring into our consciousness with a crisp single that is loaded with mystery and sonic synergy that will take you into a different universe, The Artist Ren displays her growing artistry with a rather fine song that might get you wondering what is real or not. With her likeable style and luscious voice, there is much to marvel at here to click your fingers with, as we are introduced to a clearly inventive creative who is going to do things her way.

Not The Clones!‘ from the youthful Simi Valley, California-based indie singer-songwriter The Artist Ren is a fresh debut from an artist who has made a catchy track to intrigue our appetites. The lyrical structure is rather dynamic and you can tell that she has loads of potential, to stand above the rest who are also seeking our attention. Vocally, there is a supercharge here that gets you turning up the volume to high, to soak in a musician who is surely set for big things if she can avoid all the tempting distractions around.

Listen up to this fantastic new single on Spotify and see more via her website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lucien Daniels gets it on his own with hustle-heavy single ‘All’

As he lifts his head up to manifest all his dreams and desires into reality, Lucien Daniels shows us into the mind of a promising artist who feels like he is only directed to the top with ‘All‘.

Lucien Daniels is a 13-year-old Hip hop/RnB/pop artist who has been making music since he was just 7 and releases tracks each month for his loyal fanbase.

With a meaningful flow and a catchy beat that has you bobbing your head around like you are on a mission to success, Lucien Daniels returns with a single that is all about grabbing your opportunity and never letting go. He sends us a truth-loaded release that showcases his current mindset, as he avoids the pitfalls that can sink you underground if you aren’t too careful.

All‘ from the youthful Hip hop/RnB/pop artist Lucien Daniels, is a hustle-filled track for those who want to know what it takes to stay in that creative zone when there are so many distractions around that can take your thoughts away from the present. He sounds uber-confident in his ability and has found his lane, as we are shown a new school artist who is here to stay and laces down a track that will be stuck in your head for hours.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Boston’s MARSI seeks that real love only on ‘A Year Ago’

Taken off his recent 8-track EP called ‘MIA‘, MARSI knows that the fake life will always bring you down as he looks for something genuine that will take your breath away forever on ‘A Year Ago‘.

MARSI is a youthful Boston, USA-based indie Hip hop artist and University of New Hampshire student who has a style that wraps you in and has you bouncing your head to the authentic rhythm.

Inspired by the likes of Juice WRLD, Frank Ocean, and Mac Miller, MARSI creates emotion-driven music that comes in a variety of sounds and styles.” ~ MARSI

MARSI is gritty and raw on a smoothly-tipped track that is absolutely spine-tingling, as he uses his effortless wizardry to spell us into his movements – as he urges us to look further than the basic – while we elevate our thoughts from the gutter.

A Year Ago‘ from Boston, USA-based indie Hip hop artist MARSI, is a real track that slings you into the moment as you wonder if you’re actually doing things that adds priceless digits to your value. There is a real statement here that is so important for so many to hear, as the world floods with that fake energy that can grab your soul away. This is a mood changer of a track, that should open your eyes up to what is actually important, rather than soaking yourself into weak situations that only takes your precious shine away.

Listen up to this smooth new single on Spotify and check out the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Missing You: Sammm avoided the red flags and still feels their unwanted presence on ‘Mess That You Made Me’

As she recollects the vision of their bright green eyes that were so striking and let her into a door she wishes was closed, Sammm is in phenomenal form with a true story about a past love that still bites at you like a crafty spider on ‘Mess That You Made Me‘.

Sammm is a buoyant indie-pop solo musician and cat lover from Nashville, Tennessee. She makes that true life music all about love, life and finding yourself in this rather complicated world.

With a contemplative glimpse at a circumstance, she wished didn’t exist in her kind memory, Sammm projects a precise picture of where her life is right now on the sweetly-voice ‘Mess That You Made Me‘. There is much to love about someone who is totally equitable about what happened before – and just wants to move on from this disturbing experience – to float happily into friendlier waters.

Mess That You Made Me‘ from the highly promising indie-pop solo musician from Nashville, Tennessee Sammm, is a simply sweet song about a broken heart that is still trying to heal. Time hasn’t been kind and you are so frustrated at yourself for being caged in a manipulative relationship for so long, as you urge to move on but just can’t seem to at the moment. Sung with a youthful tone that sparks up your inquisitive ears, this is an artist who sings with a rare soulful style that is remarkably alluring.

Time should heal all but sometimes, you just need to find that special heart that will help you forget the past.

Hear this thrilling new single on Spotify and see more via her exciting IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Get Trapped: Iisaac bravely breaks the chains away on 2nd single ‘Set Me Free’

After impressing us all with his recent dynamic debut single ‘Tired Of You‘, Iisaac tells us the story about fighting to be truly loved and free in his own mind so he can love without fear of control again with ‘Set Me Free‘.

Isaac Hernandez aka Iisaac, is an indie RnB/Soul artist who sings about things which truly matter in his life. He performs with a sterling blend of courageous lyrics, mixed with a tremendous vocal elegance.

Previously a creator of Indie and Alternative music, he has returned to creating music after taking a break from it. Realizing that making music was his passion, iisaac refuses to let anything or anyone stand in his way.” ~ Iisaac

With a crisply layered lofi-energy and peacefully intertwined vocals which has all his pain wrapped inside so we can enter into his mind, of those days when he though that true freedom was just a fairyland imagination from a movie. The world was harsh before but he broke out after smartly finding the missing keys, to enter into a world that he really cares about.

Set Me Free‘ from the youthful RnB solo artist Iisaac, is an emotional single that has you looking around to wonder how many others feel like he does. With too many manipulative humans around that try and lock you away in their own corner, he has decided to rather fly away from the bad energy forever. Being happy when you look in the mirror, is the only way to really enjoy life after all.

Hear this brand new Spotify track and see his movements via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Time Passing Me By: Dagani feels like he is losing his mind on the sensual ‘Sweet Talk’

As he wonders why they don’t want to trust him, Dagani feels like this game-filled romance is causing so much unnecessary pain to surface unexpectedly on the superb new single ‘Sweet Talk‘.

Dagani is a youthful Phoenix, Arizona-based indie Pop/Punk singer-songwriter. He writes excellently expressed lyrics that has your fluttering heart feeling so much warmer, as the love stories keep you gripped the whole way though.

While having a knack for music his whole life Dagani has just now started finding his own and who he is with his sound.” ~ Dagani

His fresh vocals heats up the airwaves as you remember back to when you were in love but it all broke down on the highway like a tired car. The tidy beat has you feeling rather enthralled the whole way through too – as you feel the drenched emotion rolling through the speakers from a soul that cares – who wants that deep soulful and meaningful love.

Sweet Talk‘ from the highly motivated Phoenix, Arizona-based indie Pop/Punk singer-songwriter Dagani, is that I-wish-things-could-be-simple-again as your love for her is so strong. The core trust bridge is on fire and while you are trying to calm the winds down, you are somehow unintentionally making things worse. This is that love story that keeps it real the whole way through, in a world that seems so much more complicated than before.

Hear this lovely new single on Spotify and see more news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Head Still Hurts: New artist Formless isn’t feeling too happy after getting no reply on ‘Brainwaves’

After starting to make music for the first time just at this horrid pandemic started its endless web of destruction in March 2020, Formless worked on many tracks but ‘Brainwaves‘ felt different and he just knew that this was the one.

Formless is a sixteen years-young indie pop/dance singer-songwriter and music producer. He makes that real atmospheric experience which has you looking above to the sun-lit sky, to search for those ideas you have kept hidden in your imagination for too long.

This is a bass-packed journey which has so much likable bounce and intrigue, which shows us his immense potential. With a vivid imagination – you feel the electric energy floating into your mind – to make you wonder where your special spark is hiding, in this rather strange planet.

Brainwaves‘ from the youthfully talented indie pop/dance artist and music producer Formless, is a story all about not getting that reply when you need it most. You feel like the world has gone mad and you are looking for that natural boost to get your mind working perfectly again, as you wonder where it will come from. You sent a close one a letter to help but as you wait, you wonder if you will ever be the same again.

Stream this fine new single on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen