Hundred bucks a gram: New Age Affair drop party anthem for the youth, Come My Way

With a youthful verve and so much enthusiasm to marvel at the journey to enlightenment, New Age Affair shall rocket a fiery track to remember forever on Come My Way.

New Age Affair is a South Dakota-born alternative band that makes fun music with an edgy exterior that all ages can rock out with no matter the weather.

Tightly wrapped inside a car which is replenished with a motivated band on a mission to express themselves fully, New Age Affair roar like hungry lions ready to eat and shall claw their way into many speakers based on this evidence. Showing us the way to get out a notion to the universe, this is a delightful song to play with force and desire when the night is laced with subtle temptations.

Come My Way from South Dakota-born alternative band New Age Affair is a simply fun song which shall ease all worries and pain away. The lyrics are layered with so many truths about humanity’s current mindset intertwined with a rocket-fuel-like sound. Soaring with an upwards trajectory, we are treated to something rather sizzling on the palate to consume with vigour.

Tune in further on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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