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Spotlight Feature: Winchester 7 & the Runners shared their world-weary wit in their ukulele-led indie rock album, Catacomb Songs.

Get your nostalgia fix and your catharsis hit in one in the latest album from the internationally scattered outfit, Winchester 7 & The Runners. Catacomb Songs was just one of the lockdown-born albums conceived via Zoom in 2021; notably, few albums advocate for the future of remote collaboration better than this 9-track release.

The hazy, smoky and garagey vibes in the ukulele-led indie rock album are just as sweet as any album from the Zombies, the Beatles and the Stones. There may be nothing like delving into your favourite records from decades past, yet Winchester 7 & the Runners have their relevant and resonant ennui as an upper hand.

The thought of an indie ukulele rock album may send the blood pressure of music snobs through the roof, but if anyone can change the reputation of the electric ukulele, it is Winchester 7 & the Runners. They know just how to pull the rich, warm timbre from the electric uke to compliment the equally as mellifluous vocals.

The album starts with the quasi-morbid single, Dead Celebrities and New Beginnings, which questions why new beginnings seem impossible for ordinary folk while the famous can enjoy posthumous transformations. Once Dead Celebrities and New Beginnings has grabbed your attention, the album kicks things down a notch with the 70s rock reminiscent single, The Song That You Sing, which opens up a new level of lyrical intimacy that continues through the duration of the album that is tinged with satirical wit and the rare sense of compassion that can only be extended from world-weary soul to another.

Here is what Winchester 7 had to say about Catacomb Songs:

“We released our previous EP, Argos Holiday, last year on December 17th to limited fanfare due to the pandemic. In the following months, we made the best use of our time, took to our home studios and worked via Zoom to produce a follow-up. Catacomb Songs is certainly pandemic influenced in places, especially Riding High Again, which was written in memoriam of a good friend that succumbed to alcoholism during it. However, there is also a message of hope and inspired joy that is directly related to the normalcy we found playing together, albeit apart, amidst the lockdowns and travel bans.”

Catacomb Songs was officially released on December 17th. It is now available to stream on Spotify and Bandcamp.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Winchester 7 & the Runners unleash their cut-throat alt-rock prowess with ‘The Saint Simon Killer’

Atlanta-based alt-rock project Winchester 7 & The Runners have released ‘The Saint Simon Killer’: a punchy and psychedelically powerful new track. 

If you could somehow charge a VOX AC30 into overdrive with a can of Red Bull and then ply it with gargantuan amounts of marijuana, ecstasy, and alcohol, you’d get something close to an audible analogy to representing Winchester 7 & The Runners new hit. It’s an eerily syncopated, spaced and fuzzed out musical assault on the proverbial eardrums and it’s one worth throwing on a playlist if you have appreciation for early era QOTSA-style rumblings put through a 2020 distortion filter. 

With volleys of kick-thumping grooves and enough overdriven harmonics to make it worth wearing ear-plugs for, ‘The Saint Simon Killer’ proves this Atlanta-based one-band-member-as-three has some strong rock chops to keep independent fans of the genre excited about – and you should definitely check it out.

You can listen to ‘The Saint Simon Killer’ on Winchester & the Runners Spotify account here.