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Steve Hensby Band checks where they are stepping on the groovy journey to ‘Jamtown In Mukinbudin’ (feat. General Justice)

Sending our moods into an enlightened marvel to behold, Steve Hensby Band shows us their world class quality that uplifts the vibe that rockets in the night on ‘Jamtown In Mukinbudin(feat. General Justice).

Steve Hensby Band is a Perth, Western Australia-based indie 9-piece band who fuses in various elements of funk, soul, ska, with their delicious sprinkle of folk.

Steve Hensby is a Berklee College of Music graduate and WAMI nominated musician who also works as a session player in the Perth area. He has played with the likes of Tim Minchin, Steve Poltz, Randy Feltface, WASO, Perth Symphony Orchestra and Taasha Cootes.” ~ Steve Hensby Band

Warming up our hearts with an honest release that represents our time just right, Steve Hensby Band is the type of band that will get your feet tapping in delight with a terrific blend of soothing vibrations to get your whole body moving all night.

Jamtown In Mukinbudin(feat. General Justice) from Perth, Western Australia-based indie 9-piece band Steve Hensby Band is a tasty track to stimulate the appetites of those who love that extra groove in their morning coffee. Filled with an unreal amount of quality that has horns aplenty, this is a song to get wrapped naturally inside for hours on end.

When you find that real jam inside your soul that uplifts you, there is no turning back.

Listen up to this new track on SoundCloud and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Siobhan Cotchin drops a remarkably forthright adulting reminder to us all on ‘Growing Pains’

Knowing that she needs to progress in her life while currently feeling like she is stuck like there is glue on her shoes, Siobhan Cotchin is at her honest best as she navigates this voyage that has no training manual with her new single, ‘Growing Pains‘.

Siobhan Cotchin is a 21-year-old Perth, Western Australia-based indie singer-songwriter who performs with the kid of vocal dreaminess that will spark your imagination alive.

“‘Growing Pains’ is a super personal song about the realities of growing up. It’s about wanting to avoid all responsibilities of adulthood and the anxieties I think we’ve all faced at some point about who we are and where we fit in the world. It’s kind of an ode to my anxiety and the way it makes me act by ‘ghosting my friends’ and just generally avoiding people. I hope with ‘Growing Pains’, people can find solace and comfort in the lyrics and know it’s completely okay to be scared of the future and not know who you are. It’s all part of being human!” ~ Siobhan Cotchin

Mirroring the feelings of so many of us who have felt the wrath of the world bite through the walls of our precious hope, Siobhan Cotchin is rather outstanding here with a marvellous creation that will have you thinker deeper about current predicaments that are affecting us all right now.

Growing Pains‘ from Perth, Western Australia-based indie singer-songwriter Siobhan Cotchin is such a superbly introspective song from a young woman who is taking time out to work out who she really is. Her vocals are pleasing on the earlobes and her lyrics are sharp and bring you deep inside her life, as she tells us exactly what is going on.

With a tremendously understandable outlook from someone who feels deeper than most – this is a reflective release of the highest standard – from a gifted artist who knows what she needs to do next after this time to build up her armour for the battles ahead.

Listen up to this wonderfully honest single on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Be Patient: Perth’s Trevor Gerard sends us a breezy message of hope with ‘Window Pane’

Bringing us a much-needed ray of hope when we all required it the most, Trevor Gerard is at his crystal clear calm best with his latest tranquilizing track that will put you into a mellow mood with ‘Window Pane‘.

Trevor Gerard is an experienced indie instrumental artist and music producer from Perth, Western Australia. He makes a sentimental blend of beautifully created earth-escapes for the fragile soul to nourish on, while we heal from all the recent trauma.

I put this one together for anyone feeling stuck at one place whatever your circumstances may be. Your moment will come, that window will open and let the breeze back in.” ~ Trevor Gerard

This the heartfelt message of being patient as you wait for your time, as its creation has been sent out with purpose to remind us all that not everything you want happens all at once. In fact, anything truly satisfying is definitely worth the wait as it will be much more exciting, when you achieve your manifested-to-the-stars goal.

He has previously written, produced and performed music as a member of Perth Electronic Indie outfit Our Man in Berlin.” ~ Trevor Gerard

Window Pane‘ from the Perth, Western Australia-based music producer and indie artist Trevor Gerard, is such a peaceful experience, that your whole body suddenly feels much more relaxed than before. His shining quality drifts through like the comforting breeze he intended it to be – as this is a track to play when you need to get away from all the tiresome distractions – that builds up all the unnecessary tension you need to let go.

Hear this lovely new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Don’t Want You To Leave: Perth RnB artist Outlnd heals up from the break-up which still hurts on ‘Feel Love’

Produced by JCAL, Outlnd gets out those deep feelings which have been holding him back from flourishing after that massive disappointment in a past relationship which is now over with ‘Feel Love‘.

Outlnd is a youthful and highly skilled Perth, Western Australia-based RnB/soul artist, smooth vocalist and well-respected music producer.

Feel Love is about the tribulations I went through over a break up about a year ago. You go through so many emotions so writing it was almost like therapy for me. I just had to get these thoughts out of my head and voice it for my own sanity.” ~ Outlnd

This is the message which has you feeling so introspective – as he wonders why things folded so quickly – with a softly toned voice that has you floating in a bubble of reflection, mending your heart naturally so you can love again.

Feel Love‘ from Perth, Western Australia-based RnB/soul solo artist Outlnd, is that sad single all about trying to heal up from a sad moment in your life. You wonder if they truly loved you as they left you behind, for you to pick up the pieces of your broken heart which is still in shock and wishes you had more time together. Sung with a remarkable energy which has you thinking back to when lost that love you thought was unbreakable, this is a stunning single with such pure vocals which will put you into a different mentality from before.

Hear this new therapeutic single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’ve Been Waiting All My Life: Fremantle band Easy Jean impress on riveting ‘Creating Gods’

Taken off their recent five-track release ‘Hard Feelings and Real Tears‘, Easy Jean kindly bless us with the final song off the new project with a nostalgic track called ‘Creating Gods‘.

Easy Jean is a promising new-wave/post-punk Fremantle, Western Australia-based indie band who are a new act in the local scene. Featuring an all-time assortment of world class musicians who make this something special, you feel like you are delving into the start of something rather excellent.

Easy Jean was born a little over a year ago by core songwriters Cheree Dobra from Melbourne Dream Pop Band Bayou, Andy Hill from Electronic Act Ambidexter and Drew Wootton of The Panics. Add World Music legend Grace Barbe on Bass to the
mix and Max Porotto on drums for a killer live show.” ~ Easy Jean

The sultry beat here is rather hauntingly beautiful, which compellingly captures your vivid imagination and has sensually classy vocals interwoven rather majestically at each turn. You feel her contemplative voice shine over the night-lit city outside – on a deeply thoughtful single which is full of absorbing corners – which takes you perfectly inside her wonderfully creative mind.

A band born out of isolation” ~ Easy Jean

Creating Gods‘ from the effortless Australian new wave act Easy Jean, is a stunning song full of gloriously crisp vocals of the very highest order. With a simmering music video that is certainly reflective as you delve deeper into the song and feel like you need a step back – to truly think about your path – we are eased smoothly into a sterling effort from a quality band. This is the type of song to play when you need to have some quiet time alone, to look deeper in the dusty mirror in front of your tired eyes, and work out where you are indeed headed.

A truly fine effort, which will have you pondering your next move in this maze-filled world.

See the new music visuals on YouTube and find out more on the IG music fan page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Maybe We Can Fly Away: Exceptional Australian folk duo Boy On A Hill spit out the sour pips to grow that long-term love on ‘Superglue’

After having our loving hearts in a crush-filled flutter with ‘Pretty Thing‘ from earlier on this year, the awesome Boy On A Hill fellas are back at it again on the fixing-the-cracks single about never giving up on love with ‘Superglue‘.

Boy On A Hill is an outstanding Perth, Western Australia-based indie-folk/pop duo with a vibe that keeps your soul alive with hope. They smartly strap on those laced-up boots, kick the pesky rocks away, and take us onto a safe path with a sensational sunset up above.

It’s a sweet acoustic pop tune about relationships, with an animated video created by the multi-talented West Australian singer Ornella.” – Boy On A Hill

You feel so warm and captivated by this lovely single from the rather talented and genuine mountain-conquering outfit, who seem to have the genuine kindness and that rare much-need motivation needed, to tell us relevant stories in such an enchanting way. The gushing vocals and effortlessly penned vocals are mixed wisely with a true sound for the ages – that makes everything okay again – despite how things may have started in your day.

Superglue‘ from the terrifically self-aware Perth, Australia-based indie-folk/pop duo Boy On A Hill, thoughtfully wipes away the self-doubt and shows us all how its done, if you truly want to spend quality time with that sweet soul. We are transported into a superbly-made animated video that captures the moment perfectly, and has your happy feet tapping like they should again.

See this wonderfully-made video on YouTube and follow their movements on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Miss You Now: Perth’s Boy On A Hill impress on organic heartfelt love story with ‘Pretty Thing’

Bringing us a wholesome song all about those sweet intentions, Boy On A Hill only give us romantic energy with lots of spine-tingling harmonica to heal our broken dreams on ‘Pretty Thing‘.

Perth, Western Australia-based indie-folk/pop duo Boy On A Hill, fuse that magnetically alluring music that grabs you by the heart and quickens your breath to a state of intoxicating levels of enjoyment.

This is their story about missing that special soul who you truly care about and want to be with so badly. You feel your stomach knot up, as you think about all the memories that you cherish forever, and only hope that more can be made.

You hear the uncontaminated waterfall of captivating sounds in the mind, as you imagine holding their hand in yours. Your skipping hearts beating so fast as you run in the fields full of flowers, as the world slows down and everything you have dreamed of, falls into place right then and there.

Pretty Thing‘ from Perth’s indie-folk gem in the barn legends Boy On A Hill, affectionately sooth our worries away gushingly, on a superb track with so much care and tenderness, you might need a long hug after listening here. Their pure authenticity is a joy to behold and the mellow energy washes all those silly concerns away for good.

Hear this terrifically crafted single on Spotify and see their adventures down under on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen