I Don’t Want You To Leave: Perth RnB artist Outlnd heals up from the break-up which still hurts on ‘Feel Love’

Produced by JCAL, Outlnd gets out those deep feelings which have been holding him back from flourishing after that massive disappointment in a past relationship which is now over with ‘Feel Love‘.

Outlnd is a youthful and highly skilled Perth, Western Australia-based RnB/soul artist, smooth vocalist and well-respected music producer.

Feel Love is about the tribulations I went through over a break up about a year ago. You go through so many emotions so writing it was almost like therapy for me. I just had to get these thoughts out of my head and voice it for my own sanity.” ~ Outlnd

This is the message which has you feeling so introspective – as he wonders why things folded so quickly – with a softly toned voice that has you floating in a bubble of reflection, mending your heart naturally so you can love again.

Feel Love‘ from Perth, Western Australia-based RnB/soul solo artist Outlnd, is that sad single all about trying to heal up from a sad moment in your life. You wonder if they truly loved you as they left you behind, for you to pick up the pieces of your broken heart which is still in shock and wishes you had more time together. Sung with a remarkable energy which has you thinking back to when lost that love you thought was unbreakable, this is a stunning single with such pure vocals which will put you into a different mentality from before.

Hear this new therapeutic single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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