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Wonderful Welsh artist Mared thought she would be in their arms forever on ‘Let Me Go’

As she expected they would be so close and with their loved-up souls woven tight just like she imagined in her dreams, Mared shows us into a world where she was comprehensively let down by someone who was supposed to be around eternally on ‘Let Me Go‘.

Mared is a gracious North Wales-born, London, UK-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who is currently performing in the West End’s longest-running musical, Les Miserables.

Produced and co-written by fellow-Welshie, Nate Williams, the upcoming EP is influenced by the likes of Emily King, Lianne La Havas and Eloise.” ~ Mared

With a contemplative single that will have you shivering from that unwanted feeling of being let down in the cold climates you desired to avoid, Mared is quite wonderful on a single that will have you looking deep within yourself. She has a rare ability to catch your attention with something so well-performed, from a mesmerising artist who hasn’t even reached the peak of her powers yet.

Let Me Go‘ from the excellent Welsh indie-pop artist Mared, is the type of song that will put you in one of those reflective moods that might have you in a distant world for a while. Her vocals are simply gorgeous and the well-written lyrics fly gracefully from her lips, as we are blessed with an elegant single from a mightily talented soul who opens up the door to a memory that so many of us can relate to.

Hear this graceful single on Spotify and see more news via her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Swiss-based Callipolis shows us what this frigid world has turned into with ‘Twilight Snow’

After steaming our senses alive with the hot single from late 2021 called ‘Kerosene‘, Callipolis returns brilliantly as he looks to get away from that dark energy that can sap your strength and destroy your will to conquer on ‘Twilight Snow‘.

Callipolis aka Timothée Botbol is a UK-based alt-rock solo singer-songwriter and West End/Royal Albert Hall concert cellist who has Swiss heritage seeping into his innovative veins.

Bringing us his deep thoughts on issues and feelings such as hope, pride, and deceit, we find a hugely motivated artist who is looking to show the world his spectacular music and stunning vocal ability.

After years of struggle and reflection, and a pandemic putting all his concert activities on hold, he finally articulates his philosophy.” ~ Callipolis

Leading us away from the windy storms of current times which can give you mind-numbing dissolution and permanent frostbite if you aren’t too careful, Callipolis might be of the more courageous underground musicians in the world and displays his growing greatness with a splendid new single loaded with that all-important truth.

Twilight Snow‘ from the London-based, Geneva-born multi-creative cellist/singer-songwriter Callipolis, is one of the most thought-provoking singles that you shall hear all year. There is so much frankness interwoven within the fabric here than will be shocking to many, as the call to get away from all the fake energy is eerily apparent. This is a really insightful single from a true inventive soul who has moved into a new career, which must be applauded for its bravery during this tragic period in the world.

Hear this cinematic single on Spotify and see more from this creative wonder on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen