Fading From The Flames: London’s multi-talented cellist Callipolis shows us his flaming vocals on ‘Kerosene’

With oustanding vocals that has you edging the volume up higher to catch each word at its purest form, Callipolis drops one of the more facinatingly steamy singles of 2021 with ‘Kerosene‘.

Timothée Botbol aka Callipolis, is an indie pop singer-songwriter and West End/Royal Albert Hall concert cellist who is of Swiss heritage and currently based in London, UK.

After years of struggle and reflection, and a pandemic putting all his concert activities on hold, he finally articulates his philosophy.” ~ Callipolis

There is much to simmer inside here as the stifling heat rises up into our atmosphere, as his mind goes back to that moment which changed his perspective forever. The cinematic background has your curious heart in a relfective mood aplenty – as you lather all your senses as one – and feel so intrigued by such a consumate performer with stunning quality.

Kerosene‘ from Geneva-born, London-based indie pop solo artist and renowned cellist Callipolis, is that statement track from a wildy talented creative who has been waiting for this very moment. His mind is alive with ideas and you feel like this is only step one, as he sings with an aura which lets you know that he is certainly in the realm where he belongs.

Sometimes you just know in your heart, when you have heard someone with that extra quality. This track proves that theory might be correct.

Hear this highly creative song on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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