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Stick Around For The Family: Ya Minko and Ricky Beatz drop ‘Deux Soleils’ (Original Underground Exclusive)

As he looks to find himself again after feeling really down and unfulfilled lately, Ya Minko sings with such heartache entrenched into his bones on a Ricky Beatz produced track called ‘Deux Soleils(Original Underground Exclusive).

Ya Minko is a driven French/English speaking Washington DC-based, Gabon-born hip-hop emcee/singer. He brings together well-known producer Ricky Beatz, with such an honest insight into how so many are feeling in this caged up world, that is stacked full of mistrust and unnecessary confusion.

His smoothly tinted vocals are wholesome and pure — his lyrics have lots of truth filled inside — that are ready to be expressed in the only way he knows how. You feel his pain and see his wish that everything could be back to the way it should be, as his mindset shows us into the thought process of a man with so much tiredness, who needs to reboot and start fresh again.

Deux Soleils(Original Underground Exclusive) from Gabon’s Ya Minko and featuring Ricky Beatz, shows us a world that is falling apart and in need of a real cleanse. We find a singer who needs a well-needed holiday to get him back to working order, so he can figure out which passions he wishes to get back into again.

On a laid-back beat, this is a reflective track that will have you thinking deeply about the last time you took a proper break, to get away from the stress and sadness.

See this new track on YouTube and find out more via the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Burn It Down: Zaeus shows us deep inside to where many hide from ‘In Flames’ (feat. Faye)

With the first single from the upcoming ‘Be Still‘ album, Zaeus raises temperatures to full with the terrifically stellar ‘In Flames’ (feat. Faye).

Zaeus is a breathtakingly intriguing Washington D.C. downtempo electronica/trip-hop music collaboration that breaks all the rules with an ear-bending experience that shakes your perspective and has you gazing deeply outside, to see what the world is coming to.

”A life journey and the themes many of us share: romance, anger, addiction, passion, survival, and spirituality.” – Zaeus

With heart-grabbing vocals that feel so haunting, the beat and visuals make you sweaty as they are so real and invoke that survival mentality. You feel every sinew of this effort as you look within your moral fiber as to see how you feel about everything — as you put your mask on to protect yourself from the dust and smoke of the world — that is slowly healing up to be stronger again, or so we hope.

In Flames‘ (feat. Faye) from Washington D.C-based act Zaeus, heats up the speakers as you look deeper into what carnage is going on planet earth. With tensions still on high alert and common sense rare to find, this is an excellent song that shows you what is really going on outside, in this steaming planet that needs a lot of calming energy to cool everything down.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That vital early warning: Rugan Lewis drops excellent new alt-rock single ‘Canaries’

Rugan Lewis is back with his potent mix of driving alt-rock music on the high-flying journey on getting that unexpected information needed called ‘Canaries‘.

Washington D.C-based singer-songwriter Rugan Lewis is a soulful solo musician who seems to effortlessly mesh rock, blues, and jazz guitar into his original music to create a pleasing sound, that is real and authentic.

With an edgy and almost haunting rock beginning, we are transformed into his world that is full of simmering guitar solos and a vocal style that strikes hot like a boiling iron and makes sure you are alert and awake. His voice is so excellent and consistent rhythm of the track gets your head moving as you take a deep breath, your body is shook but you feel good too.

The story of hearing that you will be betrayed at some point is so hard to hear at first but after a while, it will surely sink in and hopefully make you extra careful with who you latch your heart to.

Canaries‘ by DC’s brightest underground solo talented Rugan Lewis gets you thinking about those times you could of done with an early warning of possible danger. By speaking to someone that knew a potential partner of yours early on, he was spared the possible pain of later on and the heart-break that no one wants. This story is inter-linked with what happened in the coal mines until 1986 in the UK, with the cruel practice of having innocent canaries detect carbon monoxide; that certainly saved many human lives but harmed or possibly killed, many a poor bird in the process.

In life you often don’t get the chance to turn back before walking through an unbeknownst treacherous door. When you do hear information that makes your heart drop, you should take that advice and be thankful you did get that opportunity.

Hear this top song on Soundcloud and see his journey via Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen