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Berlin’s Doruk Doyran shows the emotions leading to the unknown ‘Voyage’

After setting the scene with a supremely intricate start that has you gazing far into the distance, Doruk Doyran grabs our attention with an instrumental arrangement for the ages on, ‘Voyage‘.

Doruk Doyran is an indie musician, model, actor and scriptwriter based in thriving Berlin, Germany and composes music for movies, series and more.

The song is a reflection of the inner world of a voyager as he begins and pursues his journey, which leads to the unknown. First part is cherishing and the innocent excitement, second part is dwelling in the abyss and becoming one with your surroundings and the last part is surviving in the unknown.” ~ Doruk Doyran

Bringing us something rather spellbinding that has been wrapped tightly with a coat of mesmerising varnish to uncover, Doruk Doyran has made a track that shall have you completely hypnotised and ready for that time when you can travel to a whole new place you can’t wait to explore.

Voyage‘ from the Berlin, Germany-based indie musician, model, actor and scriptwriter Doruk Doyran is a gripping song that shall grip your core and take you into this thrilling story about all the emotions that transpire when you go into a new part of the world. Your heart will probably beat at an unfathomable speed – as we are taken into this compelling track – that has been made by a true master of his craft.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Zurich-based post-punk act 4 Beat Grace travel through space and time to find that peaceful place on ‘Voyage’

After accumulating much love from their debut “Violence Dance” from earlier on in 2022, 4 Beat Grace strap on those seatbelts and get us thinking about a new discovery with their new single ‘Voyage‘.

4 Beat Grace is a mysteriously captivating Zurich, Switzerland-based post-punk/alt-rock band who are still new on the scene but have made a huge impact already.

A detour to dreamland, where there are no obstacles, where everything is possible and happens. It is not for nothing that the voice asks: “Am I flying? Am I on a spaceship?”. ~ 4 Beat Grace

Turning heads with a performance so striking that you might need to take a sip of cold water to cool down, 4 Beat Grace raise our consciousness from the gutter and urge us to look above to see how much potential there is out there. This is a band who have made their mark recently and have set out to keep that momentum supercharged all the way to the top, with astonishing vocals and a style that has you shaking in anticipation.

Voyage‘ from Zurich, Switzerland-based post-punk/alt-rock band 4 Beat Grace, is a shift-shaping experience that will take you into a whole new world about opening your eyes no matter where you are. With loud and proud vocals, a toe-tapping soundtrack to awaken your soul and smartly-penned lyrics that capture your imagination, this is a magnificent single that will get your heart flooding with blood again. It feels like this is a track perfect for a movie intro, as its class is so transcendent and will get you to turn up the volume rather quickly, as you figure out your next destination.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Just Want Some Company: waxx is that vital thirst-quencher for the ladies on ‘Juice’

As he looks deep into her fluttering eyelashes while that rendezvous idea floats happily in his mind, waxx is all about that smooth flow as he senses that this is his time to eat via his new single ‘Juice‘.

waxx is a hungry underground solo artist who prefers to keep his location hidden currently as he secretly maps out his voyage to the top of the game.

After his previous releases from 2021 called ‘Tear Dropz(feat. Dabig Von), ‘Happier(feat. Trappy Mak), ‘Thursday Freestyle’ (ft. Rxch Deezy, Trappy Mak), and ‘Mornin Sunshine‘, we find waxx showing us all that incredible potential that seems to be intertwined naturally within his potent lyrics as he figures out exactly who he wants to be in this ever-changing world filled with pitfalls.

I’m sick of being broke.” ~ waxx

Juice‘ from the young and intriguing bar-heavy waxx, is a statement track from a ravenous artist who is tired of ingesting the average scraps that have been available lately. He is all business here on a saucy single all about letting his crush know that he is ready to make her night, as he flows with much confidence with a terrific beat attached that takes you back to the good old days.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen