Berlin’s Doruk Doyran shows the emotions leading to the unknown ‘Voyage’

After setting the scene with a supremely intricate start that has you gazing far into the distance, Doruk Doyran grabs our attention with an instrumental arrangement for the ages on, ‘Voyage‘.

Doruk Doyran is an indie musician, model, actor and scriptwriter based in thriving Berlin, Germany and composes music for movies, series and more.

The song is a reflection of the inner world of a voyager as he begins and pursues his journey, which leads to the unknown. First part is cherishing and the innocent excitement, second part is dwelling in the abyss and becoming one with your surroundings and the last part is surviving in the unknown.” ~ Doruk Doyran

Bringing us something rather spellbinding that has been wrapped tightly with a coat of mesmerising varnish to uncover, Doruk Doyran has made a track that shall have you completely hypnotised and ready for that time when you can travel to a whole new place you can’t wait to explore.

Voyage‘ from the Berlin, Germany-based indie musician, model, actor and scriptwriter Doruk Doyran is a gripping song that shall grip your core and take you into this thrilling story about all the emotions that transpire when you go into a new part of the world. Your heart will probably beat at an unfathomable speed – as we are taken into this compelling track – that has been made by a true master of his craft.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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