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Variety has released their mercurially playful Pop-Hip-Hop-EDM Hybrid ‘Dancing On Ice’

Variety is a performing and producing duo from Space Coast, Florida, and like their home state ‘Dancing On Ice’ is a perfect melting pot of influences and styles.

There’s a definite East-Coast hip-hop-influenced pop drive to the track, but like the Sunshine State itself there’s a definite Latin-American feel in places, with an added sprinkling of jazzy beats, and just enough ‘EDM’ to add sparkle. There’s an ‘Akon’ feel to the vocal, for sure, and enough tempo and stylistic shifts to constantly entice your attention. ‘Dancing On Ice’ waits until you think you know where it’s going before playfully mixing things up with an impish little grin. It’s mercurial, whimsical, and mischievous; that can never be a bad thing, right?

‘Dancing On Ice’ is on Spotify. Follow Variety on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


HOFFEY – Love Is Wild: Emotively Experimental Urban Electro Pop

HOFFEY certainly has a point with their latest single Love is Wild. The emotive experimental track progresses at a sensually tentative pace to allow you to drink in each well delivered verse.

The Canadian Electro Pop duo have taken the archetypal sound and poured soulful sentimentality all over it. With plenty of hooks and lush synth to sink your teeth into, you can be sure that Love is Wild isn’t just a track that blows you away lyrically, the deep pull and swells of the polished electro beat amplify the energy.

Love is Wild was the debut second single from the up and coming duo, with an already radio-ready sound thanks to the pitch perfect production I can’t imagine this will be the last you hear from HOFFEY with their rhythmically resounding, synergised sound. The couple may be the best musical pairing since Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore – the aural passion is palpable with each passing second of the veracious beat.

You can check out HOFFEY’s latest single out for yourself by heading over to Spotify now

Review by Amelia Vandergast