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Never Said Before: Australia’s Roses In Hand wants that special surprise on ‘Paradise’

With that comforting love flowing like a pacifying swim in the ocean that clears your body from all the frustrated toxins that can make us so edgy in this stressful world, Roses In Hand kindly brings us a piece of pure-tasting pop that has you happy again in ‘Paradise‘.

Roses In Hand is an Australia-based indie electro-pop duo who make the type of songs that we can all relate to, as we sing from the top of our lungs to their joyful tune.

Written about harnessing the mindset of finding peace in positivity, the uplifting single “Paradise”, serves as a reminder to find your worth.” ~ Roses In Hand

Roses In Hand are quite terrific on this catchy new single and hold us close to remind us that having that close connection with someone special is such a blessing, and should never be overlooked. There is real care and dynamic outpour on this sizzling track from an outfit that undoubtedly knows how to get our radiant smiles back in full form again.

From extensive travelling with their acoustic performances, Roses in Hand have been known for their lyrics of love, lust and struggles through beat-driven tempos and soulful melodies. With ear-catching performances and hook-heavy music, Roses In Hand have extended their sound with elements of modern pop, using electronic and acoustic instrumentation.” ~ Roses In Hand

Paradise‘ from the Australia-based indie electro-pop act Roses In Hand, is one of the more easygoing singles you will hear all year. There is so much love here and a positive vibe that transmits beautifully, to have your soul feeling so much warmer than before. With luscious vocals and a happy beat that has your whole body sensing that everything is going to be okay, this is a track to put on loud when you feel like you need a holiday from all the depressing news headlines.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more news on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ready To Explore: England’s exquisite dreamy-pop artist Bow wants it all on enchanting new single ‘Three’

With her stunning voice so captivating as she naturally makes you nod your head in approval, Bow opens her eyes wide to show that she is ready to take the next step on ‘Three‘.

Bow is a highly determined and sensationally-voiced indie dream-pop singer-songwriter from the South Coast of England. She makes that sweetly textured and truly uplifting soundscape, that is inspired deep within from her fathers love for music.

Her voice makes you shiver slightly – each word sung is so thrilling and intoxicating – your mind races and you can’t help but sing with her, as you curiously wonder how far she can really go to achieve her wildest dreams.

This is the romantic story about having that deep feeling for the person you care for so intently – you have taken things slow and now its time to fully immerse your hearts together as one – as your mind is made up and you want to feel everything they feel. Your love is so pure and this is all you think about as you gaze into each others eyes, your lips close and eyes immersed tightly, like you have been together for years.

Three‘ from England’s authentic indie-pop artist Bow, is a hypnotizing journey through the moments that you truly treasure as your body and connection transfixes each other to radiate a glow so pure, you smile deeply like you are in total bliss.

Music really does make the world go around if you let it into your inner soul, so it can lather your senses and never let go. Bow gets it and will go as far as her imagination allows.

Hear this fresh song from this incredible talent on her Spotify and see more as she rises up on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The tough get going: Brett Weller runs through the walls of his past on ‘Marathon’

Brett Weller is done with the sprints around his mind and is ready to take on the ‘Marathon‘ of life on this soul-stirring new single.

Usually a blues, rock and funk artist, the humble family man Louisiana/Mississippi border-born and now Charleston, South Carolina-based indie artist Brett Weller, brings us more of an uplifting electronic rock and synth pop vibe for this inspirational track, to awaken your senses.

This is the poignant story of how you need to lace your own shoes in life, take responsibly for your actions and retrain your mind to prevent past struggles from cropping up again- so you can run head first towards the future. Your own mind is the blockage from spreading goodness in this world and if you can fix your own pipes, you can stream free and be happy inside the deepest part of your soul.

His voice is so joyful and he sings with such freedom and passion that fills your speakers with hope. We have all felt like we could do with some hope sometimes to push us in the right direction and this feels like one of these moments. The production matches this musicians goals as they blend his voice with stunning soundscapes of grace and spiritually-positive enlightenment.

Marathon‘ from South Carolina indie artist Brett Weller is a real spirit-guiding track that shows us that we can rise up, show strength for those we care about and run through the ashes of our past life. You can’t change what happened before but you can make your future better by being self-disciplined and by believing in yourself, you immediately open the door for good things to happen.

The tough ones that want it the most, usually win after all.

Hear this promising single with plenty of real meaning on Soundcloud and see more of his story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Caverns creates beauty with her boyfriend on ‘Moonlight’

Los Angeles artist Caverns is here with her new song called ‘Moonlight‘.

This song is a collab with her boyfriend that was made during quarantine. It was inspired by some daydreams of dancing in the forest with our friends. It’s a very unique, uplifting dance track that the world needs right now and I love the vibe here.

With the drums, sounds of crickets and wolves in the background, I have a really good feeling about this song. The style is so mellow and is of trying to find peace during this crazy time in the world. I feel at ease here, my stresses are very mild as I use this song during mediation. Everything seems so calm now.

Moonlight‘ from LA artist Caverns and her boyfriend is an uplifting experience and I love this indie-dance song that puts a smile on all of our faces. Just the way it was intended.

Pre-save here.

Click here for the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Barrio Boyz Bring Together Eras Of Hip Hop With ‘Sidekicks’

With hip hop’s current love affairs with tight, crisp beats and wobbling basses, many wonder how sterile things will get before we bring back the spacious strong low end that has made so many hits bounce forth from the radio to the dancefloor. Kaysuane & Tommy2Phone have teamed up to bring us a track that brings together eras of hip hop for a brief and heartfelt track with Sidekicks.

Sidekicks is produced by RanVanDam, who certainly knows how to treat a bassline. The song feels full despite the modern touches of thin, heavily compressed drum samples. This combination works surprisingly well and the synth pads adorning the top-end of the mix provide plenty of good pitches to keep things melodic while the bass bounces and the drums move. This is a song that you can dance to, but that’s not all it has to offer. This is all ignoring the incredibly strong vocal performances that reverberate and auto-tune around a combination of influences ranging from gangsta rap to R&B. This is a song that brings together artists and can be expected to bring together people as well.