Ready To Explore: England’s exquisite dreamy-pop artist Bow wants it all on enchanting new single ‘Three’

With her stunning voice so captivating as she naturally makes you nod your head in approval, Bow opens her eyes wide to show that she is ready to take the next step on ‘Three‘.

Bow is a highly determined and sensationally-voiced indie dream-pop singer-songwriter from the South Coast of England. She makes that sweetly textured and truly uplifting soundscape, that is inspired deep within from her fathers love for music.

Her voice makes you shiver slightly – each word sung is so thrilling and intoxicating – your mind races and you can’t help but sing with her, as you curiously wonder how far she can really go to achieve her wildest dreams.

This is the romantic story about having that deep feeling for the person you care for so intently – you have taken things slow and now its time to fully immerse your hearts together as one – as your mind is made up and you want to feel everything they feel. Your love is so pure and this is all you think about as you gaze into each others eyes, your lips close and eyes immersed tightly, like you have been together for years.

Three‘ from England’s authentic indie-pop artist Bow, is a hypnotizing journey through the moments that you truly treasure as your body and connection transfixes each other to radiate a glow so pure, you smile deeply like you are in total bliss.

Music really does make the world go around if you let it into your inner soul, so it can lather your senses and never let go. Bow gets it and will go as far as her imagination allows.

Hear this fresh song from this incredible talent on her Spotify and see more as she rises up on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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