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The Journey To True Bliss: Guy Jackson and Hetty Clark are spellbinding on new single ‘Catching Paradise’

As they join forces beautifully to make this tremendously satisfying single, Guy Jackson and Hetty Clark are on a life-long mission to always be ‘Catching Paradise‘.

Guy Jackson and Hetty Clark are a wonderful London-based indie-electronic duo, who make that calming music that has a catchy cool beat which takes you to the place of your dreams, in spectacular fashion.

This is the story about wanting to stay in your ideal world as long as possible, your body and soul is tired from this insane world and you just need to break free, as you never look back to the past again.

You feel the colors wrap stunningly in your soul and you imagine the blue soul, with her soothing vocals holding you close, the background is so alluring and you feel so free while listening to this fantastic track.

Catching Paradise’ from London, UK duo Guy Jackson and Hetty Clark, is the elusive chase to get to where you need to be, wherever that is in your mind. This is a peaceful song that feels like you are in a different planet to the one that you find yourself in now. The journey to ultimate peace is a long one, but is achievable if you visualize it enough and never give up for this chosen path.

Stream this beautiful single on Spotify and see more about their journey on Guy’s IG and Hetty’s too.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Relax The Mind: Welsh musician dWyn sings us the perfect ‘Lullaby’ to soothe all worries into the dark

Taken off his latest eleven-track album called ‘Young Signal‘, dWyn sings with such meaning and effortless charm on his new single called ‘Lullaby‘.

Dewi Wyn Williams aka dWyn, is a creative Caernarfon, Wales-born, Manchester, England-based multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter and courageous NHS Hospital Pharmacist. He lovingly makes that wizardry music that boggles your mind, as you appreciate his sensational skills that has you amazed beyond delight.

The inspirational and soothing song has your whole mind in a relaxed state, as he takes us to a happier place above, with his softly spoken poetic-like words and style has all the stress wiped away like an iron getting out the creases warmly and with precision.

Lullaby‘ from the Welsh singer-songwriter dWyn, is a fantastic piece of beauty from a dark time in our history. He has the blessed ability to strike your whole body with soothing energy, as he brings us a peaceful ode to help us sleep again. A true underground classic is the overriding feeling here and this is a remarkable effort that has clearly been made with such love and care.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Missing you now: The Ruby Tears hope for the train to never stop on ‘Change Your Mind’

Running Steady EP by The Ruby Tears

Powering in with their lead track on the latest ‘Running Steady‘ EP, The Ruby Tears  do their best to try avoid looking at the sun of heartbreak on ‘Change Your Mind‘.

The Ruby Tears is a world class two-piece indie-rock duo created online during the strange times of languishing lockdown, between the legendary Manchester solo musician John Goodfellow and fellow all-star Liverpool guitarist/songwriter Jeff Skellon.

This incredibly pure collaboration have been hard at work with their 4th EP finished over a ten month time period, and their music only appears to be getting better and better, as their partnership blossoms into a must-hear operation.

This is the sad story of hoping that their partner changes the end-it decision for the best, as you don’t want this journey to end at all. They sing with such passion and meaning, whilst the guitarist matches the vocalists mood perfectly with ultimate precision.

Change Your Mind‘ from Manchester/Liverpool duo The Ruby Tears, is the tale of trying to make the moment last and never wanting it to end. Feeling right and loved during this time is absolutely necessary, as you hope that there is another way to stop going to the final station, of this exhilarating ride.

Stream this top track on Bandcamp and see more when gigs are back on FB.

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Love looks good on you: Sleep Walking Animals drop stunning debut ‘Aengus’ Fool’

Introducing us to their music for the first time, Sleep Walking Animals stroll in confidently with their debut track ‘Aengus’ Fool‘, which is a self-described confession of infatuation and desire.

Sleep Walking Animals are your new favorite invigorating five-piece indie folk/rock band from Manchester who also spend a lot of time in London. They have been inspiring by the current world pandemic to finally get their music out there to be heard all over the globe. The close-knit group make that deep introspective kind of music that has so many layers, you might need to get that warm coat on.

They have been waiting for so long to have released music and you can hear the band in top form, Tom Glynn-Carney’s voice projects tremendously over the willing guitars, the smoldering class of this actor/musician is smokey cool and fantastically etched all over the curious walls, as he goes to ear-bending notes you feel in your bones and will never forget.

These are the underground legends that haven’t been crowned yet, the quality is utterly incredible as they toy with your soul, the sound of genuine world class musicians at work is a feeling you just know instantly.

This is the story about waiting for them to come home as you care about them so much and want to be with them so badly, you will shout from the highest mountains to let the world know of your intentions.

Aengus’ Fool‘ from the thrilling Manchester/London, UK act Sleep Walking Animals, is an awakening story of desire that can either turn into healthy love or overboard infatuation, if you take the boat too far into the ocean.

The long journey to this point was absolutely worth the wait. We would be fools not to want more and to ignore this outstanding group of talented men, who have manifested their desires into this delightful debut.

Stream this reflective track on Spotify and follow their travels on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding that light again: London’s The Pink Nostalgia drop instant inspirational classic with ‘Pluto’

The Pink Nostalgia have one of the best band names in the game and they back it up with an outstanding new single about finding hope again called ‘Pluto‘.

Stained Glass Elephant Records signed North West London alt-electronic duo The Pink Nostalgia, are the type of group that mesmerize with an authentic type of stunningly-lit sounds that transmits so sweetly into the deepest part of your bones.

Consisting of supremely talented multi-instrumentalists Joseph O’Gorman and David Woodford, they fuse eclectic soundscapes to levels your heart will beat faster with and take you to places you didn’t know existed.

This is the deeply real story of how sometimes in life you get so low, you can’t eat for days and feel so down and lethargic. Your heart feels totally smashed and there is that sunken feeling in your body. You need to get out fast otherwise the treacherous quicksand will pull you under- as your hand reaches upwards- stretching to be held and pulled upwards by a kind soul, who truly cares about you.

The lovely vocals are meshed so beautifully together as you remember talking about stars are being wrapped into each others arms- life was so perfect and you wish you could have this moment back.

With an exciting assortment of instruments and variety, you listen to each second so intently as this is a special song that you don’t hear often. Its made with love and care, the spectacular build makes your body shiver and you could feel a tear drop onto your cheeks as you are put into a trance of reflection.

Pluto‘ from London alt-electronic duo The Pink Nostalgia fills your soul with a meaningful story that is very real if you have ever felt depressed, or dealt with a close one in a scary downward spiral. This is a track that was made with an inside look into what that feels like and rings the bell on anyone that needs help right now during these extremely challenging times on earth.

Life can be so harsh sometimes and when you feel like are at your lowest, you feel like you will never get out. Luckily we have music like this to help us dig ourselves out and flourish brightly again.

Hear this instant classic on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Staying strong together and never giving up: Ozy shares powerful message about male suicide on ‘Men’

Ozy proves that self-awareness triumphs over all obstacles in our mind on the heartfelt new single called ‘Men‘.

Walsall-based artist, Ozy, cares deeply about his fellow man and decided that he needed to do something about the high rate of male suicide in his local area. He joined his The Positivity Movement with Midlands-based Mind Kind Projects to share good energy and to help those that needed it most. This movement is especially important during these wild times in the world, where human interaction is at an all-time low.

The message here is that its okay to not be okay and we all get lost sometimes and need to see a light, to get out of the quick-sand and emerge from the darkness.

Ozy collected the thoughts, feelings, emotions, struggles and advice from his fellow men and eloquently fused these deep words together- into a song for all of us to hear and learn from.

His glorious voice in this special pop song floats above and shows us that it is possible to get better if you speak up. He has been through his own personal battles and has fought for his own happiness too. This deep understanding of this powerful topic makes him the perfect role model to show that you can get better and be successful. Being lonely is so tough and with the support of others, you can indeed smile again and go from strength to strength in life.

Men‘ from Walsall’s shining light Ozy is a song about hope and openness to speak about the issues you are having so you can embrace and ultimately conquer them.

Through music, there is always healing and the smooth vibrations puts a positive spin on a topic that is often swept under the rug and forgotten. This is a very valuable cause and one that needs to be shown so much love and support.

Support this extremely important movement on Spotify and see more from Ozy on his FB.

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Time heals most wounds: Frewen sends us a folk message of truth on ‘Because I know You’

Because I know You by Frewen

Frewen sings about real memories and challenges on his brand new single that features stunning vocals from his partner on ‘Because I know You‘.

From the wonderful west coast of beautiful West Wales in a cozy log cabin, we are treated to an indie-folk artist with a special message of self-awareness in this often-blameless world that seems so harsh, but shouldn’t be.

His voice is so real and you can feel the regret layered into each note. He is looking for redemption and her voice meshed into his, seems to fill him with confidence, calm him and the guidance from her angelic nature soothes over everything, to make it all so much better.

This is a cinematic song that starts off mysteriously alluring and doesn’t falter at all. You get lost inside this song and the haunting melody drifts into your heart and soaks away all self-doubt that has been built up over the years. Pure music like this, made with love and created to inspire, is so rare in this wild wild west world of current times.

This marvelous music creation puts you in a mood of self-reflection and no other distractions can take you away from this incredible track, that clearly means a lot deep inside each bone of his body. A modern day unknown legend, who is working on being a better man.

Hiding away from shame can only take you so far, eventually you need to face up and deal with it for that is how you find that desired freedom inside your soul.

Because I know You‘ from Frewen is a journey to fight away the pain and find yourself in that mirror to be the best possible version of yourself. In life, we can only try our best to not make the same mistakes. No one is perfect and as long as we strive to improve, that is all anyone can ever expect of us. Love must conquer over all.

Support his music journey on Bandcamp.

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Shine on and go for your dreams: The Crom make an instant classic with ‘Outside Your Window’

The Crom neatly wrap up an inspirational indie-rock story for us to savor and play to those who need a fresh perspective on ‘Outside Your Window‘.

The Perth, Scotland-based four-piece alt-indie band have such an optimistic outlook and their style feels like a 90’s outfit who have been frozen in time. The magnificent melodies transfix your curious mind and you can’t help but sing with them and enjoy each second of this.

With their debut album set for an April or May 2021 release, this is an exciting act that are on a magnificent mission to spread their message to all corners of the globe.

His voice is so effortless and smooth, each word grabs your attention and is complemented by a sound that starts of atmospheric and only rises to the clouds from there.

Your goals are actually achievable but it takes hard work and self-motivation to get there, otherwise you will be just talking about it for years. Looking closely outside through the window with your eyes wide open and manifesting your visualizations, helps you work out your game-plan worked out and from there, you need to walk through the door and get it done.

Outside Your Window‘ from Scottish indie-rock band The Crom is an instant classic and an inspirational story of how you can do what you set your mind to, if you want it enough. Shine like a star and never look back.

Hear their positive mindset on Soundcloud and see the music journey on IG.

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Grateful for nature: Smaiblue brings simple beauty to music that is often forgotten on ‘Caught In September’

Taken off the flourishing 12 track album ‘That’s Enough Love Songs – See You Soon‘, this is a beautifully created and nature-inspired song to help those weary minds to walk away from the TV screens for a few moments. ‘Caught In September‘ from the sensationally honey-coated voice of Smaiblue might be your new meditation go-to track.

Her voice is so peacefully innocent and the story of being around the gorgeous purple flowers is lucidly imagined as we can shut off our work brains for a short while. This is about forgetting our worries and wondering about how they grow and when. The sweet nature of the song is such a welcome relief from the real world. Everything seems to be so serious and it feels that you are carrying a massive boulder on your back the entire time.

This is a throwback to the old school type of love and feel, the tenderness is so lovely and natural. The earthy start gets you into a peaceful trance right away and the lyrics are so meaningful. Being grateful for the small things is something most of us need to remember, as everything is so fast as we scroll throw hours of meaningless junk.

Smaiblue teaches us to not stagnate and remember that looking at nature is the key to being happy. ‘Caught In September‘ is the story of believing in each other when you feel lost or sad. The world can be simple and worthwhile if we just put down those pesky electronics for a short while and just look at that beauty around us every once in a while.

Stream this song here via Bandcamp or Spotify and see the socials via IG.

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Finding that special love: Erire wakes us up from our slumber with the lovers anthem ‘Destination’ (ft. Axel 84)

The old school bass bump and clicking of the fingers lets you know that this is going to be an old school feel of a song with lots of dancing involved. Vivacious UK singer-songwriter Erire sings with such pureness on her new single ‘Destination’ (ft. Axel 84).

This is about asking for that special person in your life to wait for you and not to disappear without you. They have let you down before but all has been forgiven and you believe in them. You feel that they are the air that you breathe and you want to be with them closely, feeling their heartbeat and dancing together all night. This is the desire you have deep inside and you were there when they were down and out. Loyalty isn’t an issue for you and your souls have meshed into one as this is the only person in the world that you want to be with.

Her voice is so soulful and beautiful, the tone is calm and passionate the whole way through, and this will lift you off your seat. The beat contains a wide range of genres as the disco house and vocals mesh so well like a fine wine and great company.

With Axel 84 on the mix here, the soulfully elegant Erire sings so stunningly on ‘Destination’. Her voice is spectacular and graceful, full of love and desire. When you want something, you have to try and go get it, otherwise you will always live with that regretful feeling. No one wants that on their conscious.

Stream this new track here on Soundcloud and see more on her IG.

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