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A debut to remember: Miss Garbo bring out long-awaited pop/rock single ‘Forgotten’

Miss Garbo is a UK based pop/rock duo that was formed by singer-songwriter Louise O’Hara and guitarist Andy Chapman who send us a true story of a love that has faded on ‘Forgotten’.

They have been performing together for just over 20 years thanks to an advert on Loot that Louise put up to find someone suitable to play music with. After meeting in Croydon, South London at Scream Studios, they clicked like a light switch and the rest as they say; is history and many live shows before 2020 have followed.

The vibrant start immediately gets you into the mood to go full 80’s with the old school guitar style that simmers through the door and into your living room. With vocals that remind you of the late great Marie Fredriksson, the energy here is tremendous and such an uplifting feeling for the tired heart.

Signed to 2C2C Music, the plan is to record a music video for this song when they can both be in the same room again. They both have a passion for making music together and no matter the circumstances, they will carry on doing what they love.

You have forgotten everything that happened as you have changed now and they haven’t. They are a distant memory now and you are now trying to work out if you are alone or if they are invisible to you. This happens when your heart isn’t in it anymore and the time to move on is here. You have been hurt too many times and are so tired of being with them, your mind has started to block them out.

UK duo Miss Garbo took their time to drop the debut ‘Forgotten’ but it was a worthwhile wait for their loyal fans and new admirers. A classic style washes over the scars of 2020 and this is a throwback to when music was pure and simple.

People change and so did you, as long as you do things with your heart, no one can really blame you. Being truly happy deep inside, is the only way to live.

Stream via Spotify, see the lyrics video on YouTube or see the duo on Facebook.

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Looking deep inside your soul: ‘Give Me A Sign’ from the supremely talented multilingual Pop-Rock artist Corinna Jane deals with loss in her own way

Her voice has you transfixed so intently as the story of feeling no pain with a loss, even though you know sadness should be inside you. This is a new single sung with unwavering honesty from the self-motivated German-born, Franco-British singer-songwriter, travel presenter, model and actress Corinna Jane, as she wonders in nature for inspiration on her new pop-rock single ‘Give Me A Sign‘.

Her voice reaches the deepest parts of your body as we delve into dealing with pain and making your own path through life, as you find what really makes you tick inside. She sings with meaning and honesty as her deep lyrics seep into your heart with luster and passion; speaking about feelings that you should feel but for some reason, just don’t. Perhaps the relationship wasn’t close or you are feeling numb at the moment from the freezing world around you. Your heart has been hurt too much and you need time to process what has really happened.

This is a singer-songwriter with such a spectacular style, her strong voice catches you unaware at first and transforms your thoughts to your own feelings and what you feel deep within.

‘Recording the track was like letting two kids run through a sweet shop,’ says Corinna. ‘We were picking and choosing whatever came to our minds and the track grew in a way that neither of us had conceived before writing together.’

The story about how you know you should feel pain but don’t is very relevant in this cold world. Sometimes you feel sad at things that seems small for others, but for you is very meaningful.

Give Me A Sign‘ from London-based singer-songwriter Corinna Jane is a track you won’t be able to forget, as her piercing eyes look deep inside your soul and her honest vocals make your heart beat a bit faster. This is a fiercely indie musician who makes music from the heart and always keeps it real. In this fake world full of flashy fakes, this is much appreciated and to be admired.

Watch this nature inspired video on YouTube and follow her music journey on IG and Facebook.

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Possessing that extra edge: Motivated Birmingham 5-Piece By Devices remind us what counts on with ‘I Need To Win’

The rollicking start from Birmingham’s By Devices on ‘I Need To Win’ gets you to jump off your sofa as you dust off those old dance moves. Electric energy surges into your veins and you remember those sweaty clubs you used to frequent to see that band your mate told you about. This is an outfit that have nibbled on a bit of success and now they want the whole cake.

You feel their intensity as the build grows greater and great; the vocals echo through the speakers and this might be too loud for some. You want this band to win as they have that extra bit of quality that is missing in most bands armory these days as they worry too much about shallow fads and sounding cool. This is old school indie-rock that is simple and does what it says on the tin; kick ass rock music that pumps you up and get you in a mood to conquer all doubts.

His vocals are such a pleasurable listen as the band all mesh their skill sets to create a banging tune that needs more love. The desire of that summer again is heartily felt with a long winter in the UK expected.

The song swings all moods the right way and By Devices have that hunger you need to make it big in this saturated game. ‘I Need To Win’ is a storming effort that will annoy the neighbors that don’t know what top notch music sounds like. It doesn’t matter really however, as your mindset is focused on the things that really matter. Scoring the last minute penalty to win the game of life, is what counts in the end.

Block out the distractions on YouTube, Spotify and see the band’s socials via IG and FB.

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A wonderland of sounds to dance to: South London multi-genre outfit Joe the Lion drop double A-side single ‘Fashion/Machine’

Joe the Lion from South London are back with more top class music on ‘Fashion/Machine‘. They are the band that are so nice, they put out two songs at once. With a blues guitarist, rock bassist, jazz saxophonist and hip-hop drummer all meshing their influences into one melting pot, that produces a tasty meal that will definitely fill up your empty stomach.

His voice strolls in casually like a Sunday afternoon as he is backed up by a sound that is rich in variety and so much soul you might blush so much. This is carefully crafted and polished music for the proper fan who appreciates the electric mix of memories this type of sound brings out.

The solos are quite brilliant and it’s easy to forget your mind map and get lost here as you gaze at the stars and wonder why this kind of music isn’t loved more. You smile and chuckle to yourself and remember that great taste in music is something you are born with.

Both of these songs are excellent, however ‘Machine’ might just edge it like a Joe Root cover drive to the boundary. The extra oomph blusters through the speakers as the band take over and grab the vocals with them.

This is a hot plate of goodness for the soul. Joe the Lion bring us ‘Fashion/Machine‘, a double decker of sonic explosion for the ears that we all need right now.

Listen on Spotify for the South London’s band latest track and see when they are live again via Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Love that slides in to make it right: Jop & Grace Walker soulfully lift the gloom on ‘Thief in the Night’

The beat captures your imagination like staring at Table Mountain for the first time, your heart beats a bit faster and you meet that person that was a stranger a few hours ago. Your eyes lock in and you know this is going to be a fun night. London based trumpeter, keyboardist & writer Jop joins forces the gorgeous vocals of Grace Walker, and they burst into our lives with the soulfully sweet sounds of ‘Thief in the Night‘.

The beat is quickly in sync to what we need as there is so much soul here. Her voice is so magnificent and graceful, just like her name. The two are so connected to making an absolute classic here. This is about meeting a person that you want to connect with and your heart has been taken already. You know you need to be careful but the lust is so quick to draw you in.

There are so many influences here that make this such a great listen from Jop & Grace Walker, as you close your eyes and just smile in that goofy grin that makes you feel good. The rhythm is galvanizing and everything is alright again with the world. They don’t make music like ‘Thief in the Night‘ anymore, and a throwback to those good old days is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Find that love again with the single on Spotify and see more on Facebook.

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‘Heart Tattoo’ from the riveting Rowanna Chown is an explosion of Alt-Pop wonderlands to purify our dreams

Heart Tattoo‘ from the riveting Rowanna Chown is an explosion of Alt-Pop wonderlands to purify our dreams with this exciting track.

After already being played on BBC radio Kent after dropping on 19th October 2020, you can just feel that there is a bit of a special buzz about this new single. This Singer-pianist from London is in awe-inspiring form here with this new single and big things are set to come. Surely Lady Gaga will have her to open for her in the UK soon when tours are on again.

Rowanna Chown is quite captivating on ‘Heart Tattoo‘. This is a song that starts really quickly and you know the UK based artist is in no mood for nonsense. She sings with such confidence and is surely a rising star. The vocals are in your face, clear and the creativity is for all to see here. This is a fab Alt-Pop song that should be a mainstay on your playlists.

Rowanna has that extra bit of class that you can’t teach. She was born with it and its up to her to make use of her talents and not fall away like so many talented musicians before her, that get lost in the music game with all its distractions. This is an excellent single.

Click here for the Spotify link.

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Bristol’s Einsam leads the way in 2020 with the highly enjoyable Indie-Pop ‘Pressing Matters’

Bristol’s Einsam leads the way in 2020 with the highly enjoyable Indie-Pop ‘Pressing Matters‘ as he impresses on this catchy new track.

Sam Jackson is Einsam and he wrote this new song during his stay in stunning Vienna when he was on holiday. This is a lovely effort, full of fantastic flows and a beat that will be in your head for hours. The deep vocals push out the speakers perfectly and this is a wonderland of enjoyment. This is the kind of music to take your shoes off to, take a swim and think about the future.

You wonder what is to come, you are over-thinking right now and just want things to be clearer. This is the time to work out what you want in life as you know that this is the time to make it happen.

Pressing Matters‘ from UK based Einsam is a song that is all about moving forward and working out what is important in life. This is an extremely valuable lesson, full of life and is quite enchanting. A promising track from the Bristol singer, this is a track that needs to be noticed.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Old Dreams’ from London band Foreign TV is an ode to old school love

Old Dreams‘ from London band Foreign TV is an ode to old school love and the great moments that those give you in your veins.

This is a band with a unique style, you just know that they have made this song with their own sound and they don’t try and sound like anyone else in the world.

This is that laid-back vibe as you think about that special person in your life and how her hair flows, how she walks and talks. You are madly in love and this could be the one. Each thought you have is about her and you wish you could see her everyday for the rest of your days.

London band Foreign TV impressive massively with their new song ‘Old Dreams‘ and this is such a lovely track. With a UK rap style that is mixed into an indie track without pretentiousness. This is the type of track to enjoy late at night when you are relaxing after a long day. A top track that is such a worthwhile listen.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Facebook page.

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Trick or Treat: Manchester’s Olivia Browse is at her honest best on her re-imagined ‘Halloween’

Olivia Browse is a Manchester, UK based singer-songwriter with a brilliant voice and she is back with the spooky ‘Halloween‘.

With vivid university stories of drinking and relationships, you can feel that this is a musician who tells it like it is. Accompanied by her bright yellow flower guitar usually, you can feel the authenticity from miles away.

This is the re-imagined version of this fine track and the results are quite brilliant. Produced by Marcus Hutton and mixed by Mattu, you will have this song in your head for ages.

From making a really creative Zine to everyone that pre-saved this song and marketing herself well, she is a musician who thinks out the box.

Halloween‘ from Olivia Browse is an honest indie-fused track that shows us her sense of humor, honesty and a voice that makes the hairs on your arms stand up. She has a rare ability to really grab you and takes you into her world. This is an artist who’s lyrics are so real and you want to watch her live to get it all in. She has that extra bit of quality that you don’t find too often and we need to support artists like this. Trick or treat, you will be singing this again and again.

A fine effort this and this song reminds you to be yourself. Above all, this is the way that we need to live our lives, it would be foolish not to.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Facebook page to find out more.

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Kontrol Freaks drop energetically excellent ‘Rock N Roll Fire’

Kontrol Freaks drop the energetically excellent ‘Rock N Roll Fire‘ and this is a fine effort from the UK outfit.

This is a hard rocking 4 piece band from North London, Kontrol Freaks and they have an upbeat style that has lots of heart and respects the legends of past hard rock acts. They like to fuse the old school spirit and mix it nicely with some modern elements. This is an act that pushes the limits and you just need to turn this up real loud to fully appreciate this.

Rock N Roll Fire‘ from Kontrol Freaks is a powerfully performed new rock waterfall that simmers through the waters of our souls. The vocals are strong and so impressive, the band is totally in-sync here and the tone is intense. The layers are wrapped with a desire to get that fire back from the slumber and misery of 2020. This proudly North London band have a sound that gets your attention right away. This is a quality act who certainly have that extra it-factor and must be incredible on stage.

Click here for the Spotify link.

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