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Naws extolled the virtue of patience in their melodic chill house single, Relevance

Intimacy and innovation became the cornerstones of the latest melodic chill house single, Relevance, from the West Bridgford-residing electronica outfit, Naws. Relevance is an odyssey through the intricate layers of human emotion, crafted with a blend of analog warmth and digital precision while unravelling as a testament to Naws’ Welsh heritage and their passion for creating music that resonates on a profound level.

The track is an immersive sugared pill. Swallow, and you’ll delve into its expansively oceanic depth, where the vastness of the soul is explored, guided by the haunting refrain, “Take your time with me”. This simple yet powerful lyric encapsulates the essence of the track – a call for patience and understanding in a world that often forgets the value of these virtues. It is a reminder of our inherent flaws in a world of fleeting moments and throwaway culture.

Each listen reveals new layers and nuances, making it a track that never grows tired. The use of the Moog Sub37, Roland Juno, and other analog synths infuses the track with a warmth and richness that is increasingly rare in contemporary electronic music.

Naws, with their appearances on BBC Introducing and signings to labels like Freegrant and Hathor, have already established themselves as artists to watch. ‘Relevance’ further cements their position in the melodic, progressive, and chill house genres.

Relevance was officially released on January 1st. Stream the single on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Desire oscillates through MXY’s latest hypnotic house anthem, Since I Met You

MXY, a trailblazing artist hailing from Bradford, UK, has once again demonstrated her unparalleled prowess in blending genres with her latest hypnotic house single Since I Met You. The track is a masterclass in musical alchemy, seamlessly fusing MXY’s innovative house and garage influences with the sultry undertones of contemporary R&B. It’s a potent testament to her evolution as an artist, producer, and songwriter since she began her journey at the tender age of fourteen.

Since I Met You is imbued with an intense, fervent desire that is almost tangible. MXY’s skill in crafting a fiery anthem is evident as the song oscillates, capturing the transformative power of desire. This transformation is not just lyrical but also musical, as the track delves deep into the core of our emotional spectrum.

The true genius of the track lies in its ability to ensnare the listener’s rhythmic pulses as captivatingly as it compels you to surrender your emotions and kneel at the altar of the progressions. The vocal lines are a force, ensuring that you feel the gravity of the emotion conveyed. Each note pulls you deeper, immersing you in an impeccably polished transcendence that is both uplifting and introspective.

MXY’s background, collaborating with industry stalwarts like Chad Dexter and Elliot James, shines through in the production quality of Since I Met You. As she continues to evolve and expand her horizons, there’s a palpable sense of anticipation for what she will bring in her debut album.

MXY’s debut album will drop on February 1st, 2024; stream the title single on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

UK producer, James Urquhart, delivered a transcendent EDM anthem with Fire on the Track

James Urquhart

While some artists and producers need an entire discography to demonstrate their versatility, the Chichester, UK-based electronica chameleon James Urquhart only needed one blazingly high-octane dance hit, Fire on the Track.

With grime and pop vocals adrenalizing the mix and enhancing the eclecticism of the EDM earworm that defies the laws of gravity with the transcendence it provides, you only need one hit of Fire on the Track before you’re obsessed with the progressively exhilarating groove-oriented mix that would make even the most rational crowd lose their mind on the dance floor.

Even though it has been a while since James Urquhart delivered his latest mix, as he has focused on honing his talents, he’s released on labels including Duffnote, Let There Be House, INK, and Soulful Evolution. He has also worked with everyone from Amanda Wilson to Amy Pearson to Everette Peters to Meshach Broderik. If Fire on the Track is anything to go by, his hard-hitting house production skills have been well and truly honed.

Fire on the Track hasn’t hit the airwaves yet; follow James Urquhart on SoundCloud and Instagram to be the first to know when it drops.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bring Ibiza to your speakers with LE PASH’s sophomore UK house hit, Right Now, featuring LIANN

DJ LE PASH blew the roof off UK house with his sophomore single, Right Now; borrowing the soulfully smooth vocal lines from LIANN, he served up a scorching slice of summer that will blow smoke through your speakers as you groove to the urban dance licks, which pay homage to the 90s dance scene while adding a new trajectory to the evolution of the genre. With a sound so polished the Ibiza-euphoria emanating hit could have been produced by Mr Sheen, Right Now has all the makings of an EDM chart-topper.
LIANN’s strident-with-blissful-soul vocal lines are the perfect contrast to the garage-y rap bars that prove that America may be the homeland of hip-hop, but the UK will always reign supreme in its own gritty authentic vein.
Stream the anthemic Radio Edit and melodic acoustic rendition of Right Now on Spotify. 
Review by Amelia Vandergast

MJSB spilt sonic synaesthesia into the deep house grooves of her latest single, Bright Green

With her recently released EP, From Nothing, to Rushing, the UK artist and producer MJSB reconstructed the house genre by weaving a tonally sublime tapestry of sub-genre signatures.

The standout single, Bright Green, is a synaesthesia-spilling triumph of an instrumental hit, which paints verdant hues across the intuitively deep progressions that know just how to key into your rhythmic pulses and transport you through MJSB’s sonic visualisation of infectiously high-vibe energy and emotion. Tranquil and tantalisingly momentous in equal measure, hitting play on Bright Green is cheaper than therapy but can be as equally advantageous to your chi.

MJSB has been contributing to the airwaves since 2017. Since, she has received the support of BBC Introducing, been spun on the BBC Radio 1 Dance Show and worked with labels such as 1980 Recordings, 33 Music and Eton Messy Records. Her hit records have become a staple on Spotify editorial playlists, including UK House Music and Housewerk. With plenty more material in the pipeline, she has exactly what it takes to become one of the biggest names in the domain of UK house.

Bright Green is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Peckham producer fromLondon slide in with groovy 5 track debut EP full of highlights ‘R.A.M – Release. Ascend. Maintain’

fromLondon slides in with his brand new EP full of highlights and memories on ‘R.A.M – Release. Ascend. Maintain‘.

UK House producer FromLondon has created a distinctive sound for himself which incorporates all of his influences to create his debut EP.

With plenty of soulful, meaningful moments and for fans of Black Coffee and Atjazz, the new EP is a story as well as a musical journey, where FromLondon takes us into his world, one that barely drops under 120BPM but keeps its listeners glued to the dancefloor. This is groovy waterfall music for your soul.

Hailing from South East London, Matt ‘FromLondon‘ grew up around gospel music and influences from diverse musical tastes, including jazz & soul. Honing his skills at the local community youth club in Peckham, he found the opportunity to understand music production and create music from a range of genres. Fast-forward to today, and FromLondon has collaborated with a range of fellow producers such as Sean 1da (Warner Bros) and Taz (Def Jam). With a keen ear for music, FromLondon learned to play classical violin for several years helping him push his musical knowledge and appetite to explore soul and afro house even more.

The highlight for me on this fantastic production is the 3rd track called ‘Put Ma Life OnIt‘ from FromLondon. The lights are on bright here like watching from a packed-out stadium. The sounds are smooth, with jazzy riffs of vocals and piano that makes anyone blush. This vibe is so right here and the whole EP is a masterful expression from the UK producer FromLondon. ‘R.A.M – Release. Ascend. Maintain‘ sucks you in and you don’t ever want to change a song.

Stream this top EP here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘’Late Departure’’ from London’s ‘Auxiliary Jack’ is music made for flying in the sky

If I could fly, I would want this music to be in my ears while cruising up in those high rising clouds. London’s ‘Auxiliary Jack’ has made an absolute gem here. 

I feel so relaxed right now, taking a big stretch and clicking the stiff back into its desired location. This is a future house groove with an old school jazzy house feel and I like it. There is no pretentiousness on the song, all of the beautiful sounds and background effects are perfectly meshed together. Call  it Skydive House I say.

The drums coming in during tha back 9 of the song is very welcome, the ambience flows like a happy festival goer after lockdown has ended. London’s ‘Auxiliary Jack’ has quietly snuck up to 2020, tapped her on the left shoulder and just ran to the opposite side to sneak in.

This is pure House music for the ages and it’s soul replenishing good for the battered heart. 

Listen up for more releases from this underrated UK House producer with an awesome name. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen