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Interview: Coqui warns us about the end times on Ven Con Migo

Merging many styles together like an authentic movie with actual meaning, Coqui tells us not to hesitate on the faith-filled interview you can’t possibly miss. Telling us all about Ven Con Migo and these tough times that humanity faces, we find a self-aware artist who has found his faithful path.

Thanks for your time today Coqui. Please explain to us how you got started in music and what the vision is for your project?

Coqui: I first got introduced to music at a really young age. My dad was a DJ throughout the 90s-2000s, so most of the first music I ever heard was from his vinyl collection. Artists like Zapp & Roger, Rick James, and Michael Jackson were pretty much the soundtrack to weekend mornings waking up to the smell of pancakes and dance music.

It wasn’t until about middle school when I first discovered punk and alternative from my older cousin’s high school CD collection. That’s when I decided I wanted to learn guitar. My dad bought me a guitar for my sixteenth birthday and I’ve been pretty much obsessed ever since.

After high school I started playing in all sorts of different bands, playing everything from guitar, bass and keys to running playback and guitar tech’ing.

From that, I gained the skills and experience to have the opportunity to work for some big-name artists like 30 Seconds To Mars and Machine Gun Kelly. Inspired by what I’d seen on tour, I decided to start making my own music.

Fast forward to today, I’ve launched my own solo project called Coqui (named after the world’s smallest singing frog in Puerto Rico) and plan to release a collection of all-new music in 2023. Hopefully, with these new songs, I can gain enough attention to start playing on the same stages as these big artists I’ve worked for.

Do you remember your first-ever live performance and the feelings involved?

Coqui: Yeah, it was a small coffee shop in my hometown called Miss Coffee. I think I was 16 or 17. It was an electro-wave dance band called Centipede lol. All I can remember was all my friends and family coming out to see us play and knowing right there and then that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Crazy to think how far I’ve come.

Please tell us more about your latest release?

Coqui: My newest song Ven Con Migo was inspired by the story of Sodom & Gomorrah from the Bible. Reflecting on the direction I feel like our society has gone in the past few years, this story felt very much familiar to what is going on today. I wrote this song from the perspective of a preacher who’s warning his people about the end times and urging them to get right with God. The music and production was influenced by the sounds of 90s-era trip-hop, spaghetti western psychedelic rock, and modern electronic music. I wanted it to feel very dystopian, like the perfect soundtrack to the end of the world.

How would you describe your music to a stranger?

Coqui: Genre-bending music based on faith and truth.

Who inspires you most in the world?

Coqui: If we are talking about musical artists, I would say my top 5 would be: Mewithoutyou, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Ramones, Radiohead, and DR DRE.

How is your local music scene doing after all the recent carnage and where would you recommend going to see live music?

Coqui: To be honest, ever since Covid happened I’ve kind of just kept to myself. Before the pandemic, I used to book bands at a popular bar in Hollywood called “Good Times at Davey Waynes”. I don’t really go out as often as I used to, and most of the people I knew from the nightlife scene just pretty much vanished from my life once there were no parties or cool events to get into. It’s funny how people’s true colors showed once the world shut down.. but truthfully, I’m actually thankful for it because it’s caused me to change my life, go sober and focus on what’s more important. Because of that, I’ve written so many songs and now have so much new music ready to share with the world. So I would say it was more of a blessing in disguise.

Last, when you close your eyes and imagine performing live on your ideal stage, what does it feel like?

Coqui: I can taste the excitement in the air. I can feel the intense roar of the crowd cheering after every song. I can hear them simultaneously singing along to every single lyric. I can smell the sweat of thousands of fans dancing their hearts out. I can see a mirage of an endless crowd reaching towards the sunset.

Listen up on SoundCloud. See more on the IG.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Faceless truth-saver Apollo Zillion responds to the mass desensitisation of the modern world on ‘System Failure’

Seeking the apparently controversial truth on the open-your-eyes single that will shock the core of your brain, Apollo Zillion shines a light on the silky strings and shining shackles that distract so many from the obvious brain-washing in abundance on, ‘System Failure‘.

Apollo Zillion is an experimental artist who might (or might not) be from sunny Sydney, Australia, that makes an edgy blend of original music to savour.

I lie stagnant until I am in the presence of music, which throws my senses into euphoric colour and darkness. Manifesting this sensation is the core of my purpose as experiencing euphoria espouses one’s higher self.” ~ Apollo Zillion

Taken directly from the debut concept EP, ‘Prescriptions‘, Apollo Zillion has skillfully – albeit shockingly – just reminded the globe that there is more than meets the eye at every corner. With greed reigning high like a stuffed King who is about to burst from consuming too much, this is a startling reminder that the exemplary souls need to get back on top again before the world crumbles.

We have forgotten who we are and what we feel. When I felt this brutally sapping away at my very own self, I decided to craft five aural pills designed to reconnect the listener with their true emotions.” ~ Apollo Zillion

System Failure‘ from the faceless and rather mysterious Sydney, Australia artist Apollo Zillion, guides us into the very doom that has somehow taken us into a terrifying place where so many are scared just to venture outside. With an animal farm mentality that has crushed the pure essence out of the integrity of so many like a blender, this is a heartfelt message to wake up now.

Hope will be lost faster than we think if the course of this planet is not altered quickly.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more by looking high up into the universe.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Into Some Trouble: SQUARMS take the leap on the wildly creative mind-bender ‘Could Do’ (feat. Kv$hnoodle)

As they wonder if the moves intended will actually help the struggle in this fake world that has suffocated so many smart brains away from the truth, SQUARMS bring us a track that is laced with so many layers of intrigue you might need a lie down after witnessing the future with ‘Could Do(feat. Kv$hnoodle).

SQUARMS is a UK-based alternative act that refuses to let their minds and hearts be controlled by anything that is greedily stealing their valuable soul’s moral fibre.

Dystopic dreamers, ethereal entities and Auteurs of reality – SQUARMS allow a look beyond the velvet curtain of corporate theatrics, and into the deep excess of the digital age.” ~ SQUARMS

Showing us into a galaxy that has their signature British accents brewing confidently from the speakers as they show us into their vividly exciting universe, SQUARMS are the type of group that is uniquely original and will never settle for anything less. They make the type of music that many will find unusual and that is exactly how they intend it, as they wonder why so many others make the same copycat music that sometimes tastes like sour milk.

They performed at a DIY blockchain ticketed livestream event using Ethereum test tokens in 2019, taking part in Kaneda Records co-founder Simeon Soden’s PHD thesis dubbed ‘Paypal for Punks’ in 2019, exploring how music organisations and practitioners may use blockchain to distribute, compose, present and perform music.” ~ SQUARMS 

Could Do(feat. Kv$hnoodle) from the UK-based free-thinkers SQUARMS is a new ear-educator that will certainly elevate your mindset to a whole level upwards from before. Their attitude is open-minded and they sense that this is their chance, to teach others that another way is indeed possible no matter what you have been force-fed on the television. Thinking for yourself is ultimately such a valuable vision that seems to be lacking for some odd reason these days.

Hear this electrically-charged new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No Wind Blows: Ireland’s Movment wonder when the madness will end on ‘We All Must Go’

Taken off their just-dropped 10-track album that communicates to us their ‘Transformation‘, Movment returns gloriously with their 2nd single that unconditionally heats up the veins and this one is called ‘We All Must Go‘.

Movment is an Ireland-based indie alt-rock/post-punk band that is honest to the core and make a gripping blend of hard-edged music that slices diligently through into the truth and endeavours to set us free.

There is a divergence in society. The new album Transformation, due in December 2021, explores this situation. We are bombarded with information, opinions, viewpoints, and words. We drown in ideas, in solutions, in propaganda. There needs to be a TRANSFORMATION from where we are now.” ~ Movment

Movment smartly slam the door on anything that isn’t sincere and toss away the key. They alternatively ask us to have faith and climb off this fake mountain we live on right now and join them into a new world where everything is completely transparent. With simmering energy that urges our confusion-filled eyes to see clearer, this is a precise effort from an introspective band.

We All Must Go‘ from the Ireland-based indie alt-rock act Movment, is a colossal track from an experienced band who seem like they are on a mission. Fed up with all the nonsense and false news narratives that confuse so many – this is a ravaging effort that should wake up those slumber-filled minds – into finding out what really is going on. The truth shall set you free after all.

Educate your ears on Spotify and see more about their evolution with IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Broken Nation: Seoul-based band Narotic bring the total truth package with ‘Nothing Has Changed’

Released off their latest twelve-track album with meaning called ‘KindA‘, Narotic are totally honest beyond the norm and bring us an eerie reminder us that ‘Nothing Has Changed‘.

Narotic is an indie post-rock/dream-pop/shoegaze band from Seoul, South Korea. They have a style of music which has you thinking deeper about the world, as you sense that things are not what they seem to many.

On a sparkle-filled ambiance which has you nodding your head to their unique soundscape that seems different to the rest – as they drive in melodic vocals that are clearly made with true introspection- shines through beautifully to capture your attention like a striking Polaroid, you will never forget.

This is the sincere story of knowing that something is quite off with the world as the milk is actually sour but so many still drink it, the kids are suffering and so many just ignore the real truth, hidden behind their phones of endless distraction.

Nothing Has Changed‘ from the rhythmically stimulating South Korean-based alt post-rock band Narotic, is a stunning display from a self-aware outfit who see the world from the ground right now. They hope that things may change for the better but see our precious planet falling apart at the seams, as violence, greed and desperation takes over, when peace and common sense should be the guiding light for us all to grow with.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see their journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Get Up Now: Toronto’s Siggimusic wants to know all about the ‘Truth’

Turning our heads around with a groovy rhythm to get us into the right mood to be inspired, Siggimusic turns on the light and invites us to learn the ‘Truth‘, on this catchy single that will have your whole body moving.

Siggimusic (formally Siggi) is a skilled Italian-born, Toronto, Canada-based indie singer-songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He makes that genuine sound that is born from his love for music, when he made his first song at just twelve years old.

Over moving from his home town where he was highly influenced by that rebel punk music scene, his taste soon changed and he started to fall in love with the beautiful sounds of jazz, blues and soul. From there it all changed and you can feel the fusion of different intricacies that have been built from his new professional recording studio, which was all brought together during this horrific pandemic.

Truth‘ from the creative San Benedetto, Italy-born indie multi-instrumentalist Siggimusic who now calls Toronto his home, leads us into the real world as he wants to be with her but needs to know the truth. This is a song sung with so much desire, as he shows us his incredible vocals, that are paired in-sync with tremendous guitar ability.

This will remind you of a 70’s soul track — with added extras intertwined — that feels so sweet in your willing ears.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She ran away forever: Florida singer-songwriter David Omlor tells us the sad story of ‘Truth’

Taken off his thoughtful memoir about the shocking covid-19 events of 2020 called ‘Entropy‘, David Omlor brings us the story about a girl he knew that lost her youth real quick and changed her name to ‘Truth‘.

David Omlor is a Philly-born, Florida-based indie folk/blues singer-songwriter who keeps it honest always. He makes music to help keep him sane in this weird — almost alternate universe time like an episode of Rick and Morty –and hopes that his lyrics may help others out there who are also feeling sad and alone.

After working with his band Benjamin Road for the past few years, he locked himself into a room at home and through Zoom and Dropbox, David decided that staying busy and putting out some solo music was the smart thing to do, as watching the news only makes you more anxious and frightened anyway.

He sings with such grit and meaning, each word is sung with that storyteller mentality and you can feel the heartbreak in his vocals. The lyrics tell us the story that has sadly happened to so many young girls, who grow up way too quickly in this often dark and cold world, full of monsters who ruin the fun of so many.

Truth‘ from humble Philly-born and raised indie singer-songwriter David Omlor, is the heartfelt story about a girl that lost her sweet innocent mentality and ran away due to the blows that she endured. She needed someone to stick up for her but didn’t receive it, and her life changed forever.

Stream this new single on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen