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True Peace: RandyRan has us all feeling relaxed and in that happy ‘Dreaming’ state of mind

Released as the first single off his soul-calming brand new ten-track ‘Melodic Euphoria: The Lo-Fi Trip‘ album, RandyRan has our thoughtful minds sharply alive with thrilling ideas of conquering all our worries away into the awaiting distance with ‘Dreaming‘.

RandyRan is a more-than-handy lo-fi hip-hop/jazz music producer who returns to our awakened consciousness after his wonderfully electric seven-track ear-warmer called ‘808-Bit State of Mind: Level 1‘ from earlier on in 2021.

A music producer that’s inspired by ambient and nostalgic sounds. Sound is focused on primarily bringing joy, calm, or the best out of who’s listening.” ~ RandyRan

With the gentle sounds of delicious water gushing from the tranquil speakers inside the deepest part of your sensationalized soul, this is a true classic of beautiful sounds for the ages. The jazzy/hip-hop beat suddenly gets a bit darker, after first having us feeling in a daze-infused calm, when then all returns to normal brilliance again. This is perhaps a warning that life can’t always be so peaceful. as much as you want it to be.

Music to study, chill, work, sleep, or just have in the background.” ~ RandyRan

Dreaming‘ from the top shelf lo-fi/hip-hop/jazz music producer RandyRan, is a birds-chirping kind of effort which brings so much stillness to your mind, after being over-stimulated for too long. The middle sections turns us back to the true life again, as this is a story of life in one song.

We can all find that peaceful place – but it will be a road filled with potholes that need to be navigated skillfully – so that true inner calm may be finally obtained.

Hear this extremely captivating single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Neil Friedlander saunters in barefoot with chilled and peaceful single ”Kindness”

With sounds of the beautiful ocean illuminating in the sunny background, I imagine Neil Friedlander to be walking the earth without any shoes on. This is a majestic man, truly at one with nature while he crafts chilled and beautiful music. ”Kindness” is the next single to be released from 2020’s ”Love Is a Ripple on a Lake” and this is peaceful tranquility at it’s most purest form and the way music should be created.

Alternating between Brooklyn, New York and Jerusalem in Israel, Neil Friedlander makes star touching Indie music that makes you feel all warm inside your heart. This is an artist on a journey of self-discovery and his peaceful nature as a friendly guide in this harsh world, is tremendously appreciated by all of his loyal listeners.

Kindness” is a reflective song, about finding ones purpose. This album is dedicated to anyone who has forgotten something they would like to remember and this song follows in the same path. What is it you would like to remember? Being kind is something that is too often looked at as a debilitating weakness when in fact, it is a quiet strength. I love the concept behind the message and Neil Friedlander’s softly spoken voice that implores you to listen, without actually asking.

Hear the song right here on Neil’s Spotify page.

Review by Llewelyn Screen