True Peace: RandyRan has us all feeling relaxed and in that happy ‘Dreaming’ state of mind

Released as the first single off his soul-calming brand new ten-track ‘Melodic Euphoria: The Lo-Fi Trip‘ album, RandyRan has our thoughtful minds sharply alive with thrilling ideas of conquering all our worries away into the awaiting distance with ‘Dreaming‘.

RandyRan is a more-than-handy lo-fi hip-hop/jazz music producer who returns to our awakened consciousness after his wonderfully electric seven-track ear-warmer called ‘808-Bit State of Mind: Level 1‘ from earlier on in 2021.

A music producer that’s inspired by ambient and nostalgic sounds. Sound is focused on primarily bringing joy, calm, or the best out of who’s listening.” ~ RandyRan

With the gentle sounds of delicious water gushing from the tranquil speakers inside the deepest part of your sensationalized soul, this is a true classic of beautiful sounds for the ages. The jazzy/hip-hop beat suddenly gets a bit darker, after first having us feeling in a daze-infused calm, when then all returns to normal brilliance again. This is perhaps a warning that life can’t always be so peaceful. as much as you want it to be.

Music to study, chill, work, sleep, or just have in the background.” ~ RandyRan

Dreaming‘ from the top shelf lo-fi/hip-hop/jazz music producer RandyRan, is a birds-chirping kind of effort which brings so much stillness to your mind, after being over-stimulated for too long. The middle sections turns us back to the true life again, as this is a story of life in one song.

We can all find that peaceful place – but it will be a road filled with potholes that need to be navigated skillfully – so that true inner calm may be finally obtained.

Hear this extremely captivating single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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