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Skyler shows his outstanding vocal class on debut single ‘Throne’

With a style that will stop you in your tracks and an ambience that might have you putting the candles on, Skyler shows us he is ready for that gold with a stunning debut performance on ‘Throne‘.

Skyler is an emerging indie-pop singer-songwriter and Dresden, Germany-based ballet dancer who was discovered by the legendary Incubus lead singer, Brandon Boyd.

After first rising to prominince on American Idol Season 20, Skyler will educe your ears to glow rather radiently with a sumptuciously brilliant performance that will get your whole body in tune to that ultimate contentment again.

His smooth vocals and evocative lyrics portray a sensitive and thoughtful artist inspired by soul, RnB, indie, and alternative music.” ~ Skyler

Throne‘ from the Germany-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and music producer Skyler is a wonderful song made by a humble hero who has only just started releasing his undiscovered music. With a clear tone, intricate lyrics that guide you though this intriging single that is lathered in lucious gold, there is a real statement of intent here from a wildly talented creative.

Packed with quality and seducing our ears into the party with a glorious display, this is something rather expectional when we all needed it most.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Joshua isn’t afraid of taking on the evil ghosts as he knows that the ‘Throne’ is near

Showing such courage when there is so much selfishness brewing all over the world and contaminating the innocent seas, Joshua shows us what true fearlessness sounds like with his excellent single, ‘Throne‘.

Joshua Ross aka Joshua is a Bury, UK-based indie Gospel singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who stays away from the temptations of social media.

The LORD hath prepared his throne in the heavens; and his kingdom ruleth over all.” ~ Psalms 103:19 (KJV)

Displaying a mental fortitude to overcome all devil mentalities with his fiercely loyal attitude and skills behind the mic, Joshua slays all challenges despite the odds that are stacked against him. He knows that one day his number will be called but good times will be waiting, as he has a throne that is ready for him when that moment arises.

He lives organically as possible and just wants to spread the love of GOD to the entire universe.” ~ Joshua

Throne‘ from Bury, UK-based indie Gospel singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joshua is one of those singles that takes you by surprise and has you listening over and over again. This song is short but significant as it’s not the size that is important, it’s the message that is vital.

Sung with a powerful tone that is completely emphatic at the precise time when we really needed some leadership, this is a faith-filled voice to really feel enlightened by.

Hear this new striking single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Massachusetts Trap artist Poppa King Oats feels like he is Biggie right now on, ‘Throne’

After finding his Beyonce on ‘Fasho‘ from July 2021, Poppa King Oats feels like he’s in the zone right now with his latest track to shake your ears alive as he locates that comfy ‘Throne‘.

Carlos Carela aka Poppa King Oats is a Massachusetts-based indie Trap artist who makes a catchy blend of street-filled music to nod your head with.

With a fun personality and showing us his skill set behind the mic, Poppa King Oats displays his high-flying rap attack and leaves no doubt that he’s in that immortal mindset that can take you to places that were presumed inconceivable before.

Throne‘ from Massachusetts-based indie Trap artist Poppa King Oats is a track that shows us a highly confident rapper who senses that he is ready for the next step. With a punchy beat and lots of catchy lyrics to swim deeply into – plus an assortment of strip club references to throw your money at – this is a song to turn up loud when you have had a few cold ones with your mates and feel like a late night.

Rapped with a clean tone and packed with conviction, Poppa King Oats shows us that he is certainly ready for the big leagues.

Listen up to this new audio on YouTube and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Talking With Your Ego: Emma Gerson knows her worth on the fearless ‘Throne’

As she sees right through his easy-to-spot lies and tiny walls of nonsense, Emma Gerson bravely breaks down the shattered glass and sees what is real and what is not on her latest top drawer single called ‘Throne‘.

Emma Gerson is a supremely talented and self-aware nineteen year-old New York City-born, Bay Area-based indie modern RnB/folk/pop singer-songwriter and current University of California, Berkeley American Studies student. She has a likable style that is full of insight to the way people should act – as her smart mindset is full of that truthful energy – that is so rare these days.

With a special voice which has your heart beating rather fast, you feel like you have just heard a marvelous talent who skillfully transfixes your thoughtful mind and you has you smiling cheekily from hearing such real lyrics. In a world that is so plastic and pull of quick-swipes, this is that quality message that needs to be heard far and wide.

We are placed into her vivid story about being spoken to by someone who things that they are so incredible, but are actually telling you the same rubbish that needs to be thrown like a three-pointer, into the awaiting trashcan. You are looking for someone unique who truly gets you and isn’t playing childish games to get you alone so they can tell their friends. Instead your mind has evolved and you want something truly meaningfully remarkable, to make your heart flutter sweetly like a singing bird.

Throne‘ from the gracefully classy Bay Area-based indie modern RnB artist Emma Gerson, shows us a confident woman who has seen all the games before and bends out like a Jenga professional, to flick out quickly from the noise when she needs to and shows such maturity here.

This is that honest anthem that tells it how it is, as Emma shows her Queen-like qualities to wash away the silly players once and for all, who show such undesirable qualities.

Hear this lovely new single on Spotify and see more of her adventures via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Can’t Ignore Me: Adelaide indie rock band Broken Waves find the keys to the ‘Throne’

Taken off their sublime new five-track EP called ‘Turning Point‘, Ozzie rockers Broken Waves eagerly bring us the quality new single called ‘Throne‘.

Broken Waves crash into our lives with their famous Australian charm, as the Adelaide indie act blaze a trail of supreme sounds of wonder, on an impressive new song that will lift you up and take you to exciting places within your soul.

They make that prodigious music that has you in absolute raptures, their exhilarating guitar skills and wildly talented vocals, washes all of the frustration away so smoothly.

This is that that love ripped song, as you look for answers that have been hidden away for so long in your mind but you knew them all along. The throne is empty now but you know that they can’t ever ignore you again, as you have unlocked the treasure chest of knowledge forever.

Throne‘ from Adelaide five-piece indie-rockers Broken Waves, is a spellbinding new single full of electric energy that wraps over you as you groove with this awesome band, they drift into your consciousness with smoothly nourished vocals and a sound that has you wanting more.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out their IG for more stories.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen