You Can’t Ignore Me: Adelaide indie rock band Broken Waves find the keys to the ‘Throne’

Taken off their sublime new five-track EP called ‘Turning Point‘, Ozzie rockers Broken Waves eagerly bring us the quality new single called ‘Throne‘.

Broken Waves crash into our lives with their famous Australian charm, as the Adelaide indie act blaze a trail of supreme sounds of wonder, on an impressive new song that will lift you up and take you to exciting places within your soul.

They make that prodigious music that has you in absolute raptures, their exhilarating guitar skills and wildly talented vocals, washes all of the frustration away so smoothly.

This is that that love ripped song, as you look for answers that have been hidden away for so long in your mind but you knew them all along. The throne is empty now but you know that they can’t ever ignore you again, as you have unlocked the treasure chest of knowledge forever.

Throne‘ from Adelaide five-piece indie-rockers Broken Waves, is a spellbinding new single full of electric energy that wraps over you as you groove with this awesome band, they drift into your consciousness with smoothly nourished vocals and a sound that has you wanting more.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out their IG for more stories.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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