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The Sign Was New: Good Morning Bedlam know its time to leave the homely ‘Blue House’

Bringing us the first of eight much-awaited releases in 2021, Good Morning Bedlam take us to a nostalgic place that will have you beaming broadly like a night-lit sky on ‘Blue House‘.

Good Morning Bedlam is a fantastic three-piece indie folk/pop act from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They cleverly fuse jazz and rock into their lovely music melodies, to create a blend of sounds that tastes so good in your willing music palate.

Blue House is a reflection of childhood. It’s about my parents moving out of my childhood home and how there is a grieving process to leaving behind not only a house, but a lifetime of memories. However, moving forward is a necessary part of life, and it is time to make new memories in new places, and to do that it is time to leave behind the blue house so that a different family can create new memories there. After all, it’s more than bricks that make a home.” – Isaak (vocals/guitarist) from Good Morning Bedlam

Deep down in your soul you feel the efficacious energy brewing from Good Morning Bedlam, as they knock politely on your dusty door so that they may be let into your life, with a breathtaking energy you just can’t say no to. They judiciously turn your frown into a smile – with an effortlessly effulgent nature – which has you feeling so happy again.

Blue House‘ from the likable three-piece indie folk/pop group from Minneapolis, Minnesota called Good Morning Bedlam, paints us a clear picture which is intertwined with their common human experience ethos, which drives their music into new levels of unforeseen feet-tapping enjoyment.

Sometimes you just know you need to move on, so that you may grow and experience a new home which you can make your own.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Will We Ever Slow Down: Tampa Bay rockers The Paper Airport urge us to take a reflective moment on debut ‘Turning’

Formerly known as FAM, The Paper Airport fly in speedily with the terrifically introspective debut single that importantly speaks about how the world needs to slow down for its own good on ‘Turning‘.

The Paper Airport is a highly-zestful Tampa Bay-based three-piece indie rock band. They cultivate that striking sound that wacks the speakers off the table, as they kindly drive us into the right direction.

We wrote this one during quarantine, remote from each other about the state of the world and how we need to slow down; otherwise, our actions could prematurely make our species extinct. And how we hope for a better future, but we aren’t sure we will get one.” – The Paper Airport

His indefatigable vocals are superbly impassioned and busts compassionately inside your curious mind with hearty appeal – as this excellent band back him up with a sparkling sound – that sprightly soars with tremendous abandon.

Turning‘ from dynamic Tampa Bay, USA-based theme-park dropouts The Paper Airport, change direction with a new name and a fantastic debut track. They bounce in with a stylish three-pointer and impress highly with such a smooth sound – that certainly has you listening rather intently – and calms your mind to refresh your perspective. This is a top act who deserve our attention.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stop Playing Games: Swedish rock band Pressure open up the floodgates with ‘No One Can Hear You’

With a thudding beat that stomps the sweaty socks right off your busting boots, Pressure do what they do best on their new high voltage classic rock feeling of a single with ‘No One Can Hear You‘, that is taken off their latest album called ‘Path Of A Shadow‘.

Pressure is a full-paced three-piece Stockholm, Sweden-based melodic rock band, who certainly turn up the volume and keep it there the whole way through.

With vocalist Olof Jönsson, songwriter and lead guitarist Simon “Siirpo” Forsell fused together with the powerful Emil Salling, this is a strong team that bring the electric guitar-packed heat with every second, that actually leaves you quite breathless.

This is about asking your friend to stop playing games, as all their dreams will come true if they just buckle in and open up their eyes to what is quite easy to see.

No One Can Hear You’ from Stockholm, Sweden melodic rock band Pressure, is a soaring effort that has you in a flux of emotions as they perform with a ferocious velocity, that burns the doubt all off your tired body. This is a band that leaves it all on the line and bring back that classic sound, from the rock heyday of yesteryear.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stay With Me: Captivating Cambridge band Apteekii bring much-needed calmness to cure the worrying winds on ‘Shelter’

Taken off the upcoming EP ‘Secret Crowds‘, this is a deeply personal song that is inspired by seeing a close friend deal with destructive problems that was so hard to witness, as Apteekii show so much compassion and love with their new single called ‘Shelter‘.

Apteekii is the Finnish word for Pharmacy, and this caring three-piece indie act from Cambridge, England, ease our worries with a sound that is sad at times, but also has a thread of hope there for the taking, if you want to feel it deep withing your bones.

“It’s the music for a dystopian film with hope for the future. There’s a darkness, a sadness, but also a longing and a beauty.” – Apteekii

The vocals are so beautifully translucent, as you feel each part of your body light up with that hopefully glow. The story of seeing a friend hurting is so hard, as the build up takes you to a stunning place that lets you know that being ashamed is not the way to go.

The cinematic feel has you closing your eyes and this is a spectacular story that has your tearing up slightly — but also looking upwards — to see the stars and the positive energy that surrounds us, if we let it.

Shelter‘ from Cambridge three-piece act Apteekii, is a true story about finding the strength within to deal with your issues, no what what they are. You are never alone if you speak up, as there are old friends, new friends and family just waiting to help. You are not alone.

Stream the atmospheric new single on Spotify and see the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying To Get Out: Chicago’s Pure Intention turn it up raw with ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Here’

Taken off their ravaging four-track EP named ‘Impostor Syndrome‘, Pure Intention thump hard inside our curious minds with the blaring new single called ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Here‘.

Pure Intention is a deafeningly exciting Chicago, Illinois-based three-piece indie garage-rock band who turn up the volume on full to wake up the neighbors next door, as they pick up the pace with boundless energy.

This is the gripping story about not wanting to be at work right now, as you are tired of the grind and just need a break. The motivation has gone from the menial job and you feel like a fresh start is definitely needed, to make your heart happy again.

The sound is raw and honest – with the band giving it their all each second – as they kick the door down and let their feelings be known.

I Don’t Wanna Be Here‘ from the roaring Chicago indie rock act Pure Intention, fires in hot with a fine new single that has your heart racing in delight, as they pull down the clutch speedily on a song with so much casual bluster about the ups and downs about undesirable work life, in this crazy world that we live in.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

True friendship: Soulful sibling band Fox and Arrows take us for a glorious galaxy-exploring ride on ‘Astronauts’

With their heads in the calming clouds with fond memories of growing up, Fox and Arrows gladly point us upwards to reflect on what real friendship is actually about on their new single called ‘Astronauts‘.

Fox and Arrows is a three-piece indie-folk/pop band from Woodstock, Georgia featuring Anna, Taylor, and Ben. They make that meaningful music from the heart, that has been inspired by their Dad encouraging them to play since they were around six years old.

They perform with so much love and grace, each word is made with a purpose as their faith is strong and want to inspire others by sticking to their chosen craft. The vocals are warm and self-reflective, the mellow guitar only adds to the peace and tranquility, as you look up above to be thankful for what you have.

This is the story of always being real with each other no matter what detours you may face as a family, the bond can never be broken as they stay humble and mesh their skills together to make that memorable music, that will be timeless for generations to come.

Astronauts‘ from the three Tankersley’s of indie-folk gospel act Fox and Arrows, is a three year journey of evolution from a family band who have that rare tight bond, they truly love playing together and make a wonderful song here. Their bond is remarkable and they take us on a nostalgic trip here, that is one of the most lovable songs you will hear all year.

Things might change with work or study opportunities, the beards my be longer and the hairstyles might change, but that family connection seems to be closer than ever on this underground gem.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Be true to yourself: Sweden’s Pressure lift us up with more realness on ‘What You See (Is What You Get)’

They encourage us to be unique no matter what and Pressure turn up the volume to drown out all of the self-doubt whispers, on their heart-stopping and exciting new single called ‘What You See (Is What You Get)’.

Pressure is an entertaining three-piece alt-rock band from calming Stockholm in stunning Sweden. They firmly fuse together that real rock music with double meanings that sparks your mind and body into action.

With fiery lyrics and gripping vocals mixed with incredible sounds from thriving guitar and bellowing drums, you are happily thrown into the vivid world of some real role models for everyone to listen to.

It feels like they have time traveled into our world for the greater good, with an independent attitude of knowing who they are. This simple but valuable message is vocally entrenched into their loud sound and is an inspiration to those who think that copying others is the way, when actually it really isn’t.

What You See (Is What You Get)’ from exhilarating Stockholm, Sweden band Pressure, is that lift off into a world of fun and honest stories about being your own person. With their alt-rock edge and enthusiastically rousing entry into our lives, you feel like you have just heard a band that will stick in your memory for a while, as they make that rare-to-find memorable music that is timeless.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Reclaiming Their Place: Chicago’s The Gelheads drop buried-away three-track EP ‘Tail Lights’

After celebrating twenty years together as a band, The Gelheads joyously recover their old hidden-away recordings that were almost lost in the sands of time, with their new exciting three-track EP called ‘Tail Lights‘.

The Gelheads are a Chicago, Illinois-based four-piece indie-punk/rock band with a hardened edge flowing in their creative veins, as they make music that you can motivate yourself with again, powering in like old pros in with an incredibly fresh sound for us to truly immerse ourselves into.

After rising through the ranks back in 2021, the band had fantastic success after starting off at small shows first, to opening for heavyweights like Papa Roach, The Killers and even came close to working with Def Jam.

After performing live together until 2005, a long hiatus until 2020 has seen the band recover their previous recordings thanks to Andy Gerber at Million Yen Studios. A new fresh mix is here as the band emerge gleefully from the darkness, to delight their old and new fans with a comeback for the ages.

Little String‘, ‘After These Messages‘ and ‘Lie Awake‘, are all equally top shelf tracks and with passionate lyrics and a supporting sound that shows you their underrated quality, you hope that this is the start of a refueling fire for the band to reclaim and even build on their glory days.

Tail Lights‘ from Chicago indie-rock act The Gelheads, is a journey through their uplifting music that almost didn’t exist, as they bring us back to those wonderful early 90’s days, that remained locked in your mind forever. This is a quality release and surely a taste of more classics to come.

Stream this new release on Spotify and see the IG here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Keepin’ it hot: Detroit OG’s Black Lion Society steam the room up with ‘We Cookin’

Black Lion Society show us what top shelf Hip-Hop sounds like, on the freshly-grilled new party track called ‘We Cookin‘.

Detroit, Michigan three-piece rap crew Black Lion Society have been around since 2006 and make music to entertain the crowd and to get their audience dancing whilst having fun with a breathtaking beat.

Featuring Jake Diamondz, Big S.C.A.M, and DCK, these three talented men have carefully formulated a true street sound that is that vital added ingredient in the music pot, to get your taste buds licking your lips in anticipation for that old school style, that makes the ladies swoon with excitement.

With a fiery delivery right outta the steamy kitchen, all of these artists add so much value to a track that has classic written all over it. The wordplay is clever, with stories of being out and about with the ladies knowing who you are and having a good time. That is what life is all about really. Having loyal friends and enjoying yourself to the max as you appreciate those skillful talents you meet during the evening.

We Cookin‘ from Detroit rap group Black Lion Society is an exhilarating ride from the buffet line to the packed club. They are an old school act that pack a lyrical punch and are supremely entertaining from start to finish, as your head bobs around like a Hip-Hop head.

Knowing you are good is one thing. Backing it up with a quality track is another and this is one rap outfit that keeps it G the whole way through, with a memorable track for the ages.

Hear this oil-filled busty track on Spotify and see their style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t pull me out: Pilot Run take on the monsters in ‘Haunted Head’

Pilot Run are back with some of that old school heavy bass guitar riff excellence, via their new single ‘Haunted Head‘.

Three-piece Colchester, Essex-based indie alt-rock band Pilot Run, came back from the darkness, to fly up above the cheering crowds once again.

Bruce, Craig and Matt all knew each other from years of playing in different band together and after a few years apart, they fused together again like they had never left each other’s side. They play that electric heavy-in-you-face (but never too much) type of marauding music-that flows into your veins and pumps the the blood thick and chunky-like a kick-drum start to rev up that eager engine.

This is that true story of waking up each day to the dead and not wanting to get pulled out of bed, to the unnecessary madness going on outside. The world is a scary place and its better to stay hidden away for now, until things calm down a bit and its safe again.

With a grungy punk feel that only adds to the incredibly hard sound that knocks your head into place after hearing so much plastic music with no core lately, this is a wake-up call if there ever was one. An anthem to the lost who need to be found, this is a proper band that have the heart and soul of a hungry lion, who roars into action when needed to take on the scary monsters in the world.

Haunted Head‘ from Essex three-piece alt-rockers Pilot Run, is that quality music that you knew you needed as something was missing. They put a guitar stamp on your mind and this is one of the most exciting releases yet in 2021.

Hear this brilliant single on Soundcloud and support their journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen