Welsh band Revolution Rabbit Deluxe return with a message to the entitledness which is destroying the world on, ‘POUT’

POUT by Revolution Rabbit Deluxe

Born deep in the chilly trenches of the hard-working South Wales valleys, Revolution Rabbit Deluxe are in pinnacle-conquering form with their entertaining new single that sends shade to those who think they are too cool for everything on, ‘POUT‘.

Revolution Rabbit Deluxe is a Swansea, UK-based indie three-piece post-punk band that has constructed one of the catchiest songs so far in 2022.

The song came after a jam session early in 2020. During the instrumental, I sang, “DO THE POUT!” The remaining lyrics fell into place after that.” So what is the POUT? “I think it’s the feeling we all have had as children and can still have as adults. A child crying over not getting ice cream, and grown men and women who feel entitled to have the world revolve around them like they’re the hero in their own movie.” ~ Ben from Revolution Rabbit Deluxe

Shaking their tails and causing us to smile and beam all at the same time, Revolution Rabbit Deluxe have that cheeky style that makes you think that they would actually take the time to have a chat with you after the show. There is so much goodness here in a song so likeable, you might tell your neighbour about it while you are both out in the garden.

POUT‘ from Swansea, UK-based indie three-piece post-punk band Revolution Rabbit Deluxe is a track that will have you tapping your feet and clapping in admiration, for an outfit who are totally themselves. There are zero fake braggadocios elements here, only realness and an honest vibe that is made with that fantastic Welsh charm. This is a track to play loud and plentiful, as we are naturally intertwined with such glorious genuineness that is probably creatively contagious.

Listen up to this awesome new single on Bandcamp and see more via their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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