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Nu World Order exposed the secrets of ‘Area 51’ in the surrealism of their Alt-Metal debut

Who ordered an installation of thrash metal insanity? One has just arrived in the form of the debut single, Area 51, from the Brighton-based prodigal sons, Nu World Order, which forged in response to the surrealism of the modern age, where extra-terrestrial signs of life are in essence the new Schrodinger’s cat. Are they real or fake? We won’t know until we look inside Area 51, but it seems Nu World Order has the inside scoop.

With groove metal breakdowns following insurgencies of thrash and heavy metal in the progressive track, which also exhibits the dynamism in the vocals as they switch from soaring hair metal high notes to guttural laments, Nu World Order knew just how to keep listeners hooked into their orchestration of rhythmically tight subversion.

If riffs got bands to the top of the charts, Nu World Order would be overlooking everyone from a seat of supremacy; the outfit isn’t lacking in the lyrical ingenuity department either. We can’t wait to hear what is lingering in the pipeline.

Area 51 was released on November 3rd; stream it on Spotify or purchase the track by heading over to iTunes.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The alt-rock powerhouse, Silence in Surrender, is ‘Coming Up’ in the first single to be released from their forthcoming album.

South West London’s riffiest prodigal sons of hard rock, Silence in Surrender, have teased what it is to come in their forthcoming album with the release of the first single, Coming Up.

As soon as I hit play, the virtuosic furore shunted me right back to the early 00s metal and hard rock scene; as the dynamic track progresses, they keep the instrumental curveballs coming with the infusion of thrash and the Seattle sound.

I never thought I would see the day when a track could appease fans of Mastodon, Bring Me the Horizon, Faith No More, Velvet Underground and Pixies simultaneously, but Silence in Surrender delivered that and a whole lot more with Coming Up. It appears that they’re the only one that got the memo about bringing the sex appeal back to rock too – the guitar solos should come with an X-Rating.

Coming Up is due for release on March 4th. You can check out the official music video via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Purge yourselves via District 13’s post-hardcore stormer, Step into the Fire

There was little chance of forgetting the mesmeric furore of District 13, which we were introduced to via their 2019 single, Soma. The Exeter-hailing virtuosic sons have driven even more frenetic finesse into their sound over lockdown if their latest single, Step into the Fire, is anything to go by.

Between the old-school Black Sabbath vibes and the hints of post-hardcore, their own darkly maniacal alt-metal signature sound had plenty of room to breathe. For 5 and a half minutes, District 13 prove the dynamism in their influence and talent as you are shunted through the unpredictably gratifying progressions. From hooky choruses to theatrical interludes to thrash metal breakdowns, Step into the Fire offers it all. We highly recommend any alt-metal fan with an open mind instead of a petulant fixation on the past purges themselves within Step into the Fire.

The official video for District 13’s single, Step Into the Fire, is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Shrapnel take us into the ‘DARK AGE’ with their new blackened thrash metal sound.

After achieving coveted status in the thrash scene, Shrapnel boldly broached nuanced atmospheric territory with their latest single, DARK AGE.

Their sonic shift proves that they’re so much more than your run of the mill hard and fast powerhouse with the capacity to keep the boomers that nothing but assimilation happy. Their new testament to their authenticity may not have won over thrash purists, but seriously, the 80s happened 40 years ago, mate; the world doesn’t freeze in stasis because your tastes are pedantically pathetic.

Like their former releases; the progressions in DARK AGE still blaze at a breakneck frenetic speed, but in this groove metal hit, there is enough spatial effect to leave you captivated by the constant transitions in the super techy riffs, bouncy breakdowns, infallibly gorgeous drums and laceratingly sharp vocal hooks.

It’s enough to give you serious nostalgia for the Saw III soundtrack with the fleeting reminiscence to Slayer, Static X and Lamb of God, but anyone searching for new tumultuous catharsis and practically pornographic talent won’t be disappointed.

After seeing first-hand their ability to leave a crowd frenzied and pious to their matchless stage presence while supporting Evile on tour in Manchester earlier this month, I can safely say that Shrapnel isn’t a band to be slept on. Even with their tendency to take inspiration from the most nefarious and brutal facets of the human experience, Shrapnel’s sheer ingenuity that makes nihilism enjoyable won’t fail to leave you psyched. Save a spot on your radar.

The official video premiered on October 15th; check it out for yourselves via YouTube.

Artist links: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alt Metal instrumentalist Jorge Gomez has made his debut with the ‘Beyond Blackened’ EP

Madrid-residing Spanish musician, Jorge Gomez, has made their solo debut with the EP ‘Beyond Blackened’ which serves thrashy furore while fervently stamping down his signature sound on the Metal scene. There’s very little chance his imprint will go unnoticed for much longer.

The 4-track release, which was recorded at the legendary Alex Cappa’s Metal Factory, shows just how much nuance can be packed into a fast-paced offering of blackened instrumental Metal. In the absence of vocals, there’s definitely no absence of feeling as you wrap yourself up in the progressively transfixing soundscapes which are consistently leading you into another facet of Jorge Gomez’s dynamic elemental style.

The build-ups from the melodically tender Rock intro’s, especially with track 3, Hollow, is a journey you’re going to want to take time and time again.

There really is no overstating the level of skill exhibited in Beyond Blackened. It’s so much more than just technical ability. The artist’s talent when it comes to hooking you in from the intro and toying with your emotions and rhythmic pulses and psyche in equal measure right until the outro makes Beyond Blackened one of the most promising debuts we’ve heard in 2020.

You can check out Jorge Gomez’s EP for yourselves via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


PLAGUES – Sentinel: It’s Time to Start Getting Excited About Metal Again.


If any new release has made me miss live music, it’s PLAGUES’ latest single “Sentinel”. The throat-ripping roars and intricately melodic speed of light progressions are just two of the reasons why this genre-melting offering of Metal will leave you as in awe of PLAGUES’ provocative release as we were.

With nuances of Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Post Hardcore and Death Metal all weaved into the atmospheric production, it’s safe to say that PLAGUES have stamped down their signature colossal sound with Sentinel.

You’ll be able to check out the official music video to PLAGUES’ single Sentinel for yourselves from June 26th via their official website.

Keep up to date with the artist’s latest releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Icarus has released their aural juggernaut of an Alt Metal EP “Bleeding Out”

Breaking Alt Metal 5-piece Icarus cooked up a cataclysmic storm with their debut EP “Undivided Attention”.

Rather than trying to find their sound within the constraints of a metal sub-genre, you’ll find everything from Thrash to Hardcore Punk to Groove Metal to Nu Metal in the four blisteringly mind-bending tracks.

Each track is an aural juggernaut which will demand repeat attention at max volume. Track 1 “Bleeding Out” is the best introduction to Icarus’ expansive sound. Their sound may be heavy, dark and brutal, but you’ll still be able to expect massive choruses and sharp lyrical hooks in the high-octane super-charged Metal perennial earworm.

The gutturally fierce vocals use a clear enough diction to enable the angst-driven lyrics to resonate in a way in which could unite fans of punk pioneers Napalm Death and fans of Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes alike. If Download 2020 was going ahead, Icarus would deserve a mainstage spot.

You can check out Icarus’ EP for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Thicket – Isolation: Progressively Fierce Thrash Metal

If you haven’t had your synapses rattled by Florida-based Thrash powerhouse Thicket’s standout single “Isolation” yet, it’s our pleasure to introduce the progressively fierce aural monster.

With an old school Punk angsty bite in the vocals and an instrumental arrangement which finds the perfect momentum through a combination of Speed and Thrash Metal, Isolation isn’t a track which needs to strive for ostentatious pioneering power moves to set itself apart with distinction. Instead, through the subtle authenticities, and the striking nuance in their high-octane tight sound, they’ve proven themselves to be one of the most exciting Thrash bands around right now. It will be a while before we forget the potency of the pure venom poured into the lyrics.

You can check out Thicket’s single Isolation for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Prepare for the Thrashgasm of Your Lifetime with Ifreann’s 2019 EP “Unearthly”

Edinburgh certainly has no shortage in home grown talent, yet, after hearing Ifreann’s explosively indulgent EP “Unearthly” it’s only a matter of time before they receive the international acclaim their tight Thrash arrangements deserve.

Whether it’s the soaring riffs which are so intricate that they will have you in a state of catatonic arrest or relentlessly rhythmic furore of the drum rolls which will see your insides turn to jam there’s a perceptible higher level of talent in the powerhouse of a collective.

Ifreann’s sound is sure to be appreciated by any fans of Classic Thrash that are looking for a new sound to stick their teeth into a sound which contains the same high-octane energy as artists such as Pantera an Anthrax, yet, somehow, they’ve made the sound filthier than it’s ever been. Which may just have a little to do with the grisly macabre nature of the lyrics which have been left clean enough for you to wrap yourself up in the potency of the angst.

I’m calling the killer track on the album as “Unearthing the Unearthly” where along with the raucous elements you’d expect from a Thrash track along with the deep bends of the bass and the almost primal rhythms of the drums take their sound to the next level.

You can stream and download the EP for yourselves via Bandcamp, Grab yourself some merch or a physical copy of the EP from the band’s official website.

Keep up to date with the latest releases and show dates, or, just to appreciate their hair game via Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sky Empire – The Wind The Sand The Stars: Palpitatingly Progressive Thrash Metal

Sky Empire has just released their latest single from their debut album ‘the Dark Tower’, it’s monolithic metal fury is something you’re going to have to check out. If you put Iron Maiden, Mushroomhead and Slayer’s music in a blender the juice may sound like the Sky Empires rhythm-soaked metal anthem The Wind The Stand The Stars.

With a 9-minute track there was plenty of space to pour in some of the heaviest, soaring riffs I’ve ever heard. The instrumental breakdowns are quite frankly the stuff of a metal fanatics wet dreams. Mid-track Sky Empire decides to take us down a Symphonic Death Metal route (if you’ve never discovered Symphonic Death Metal, you’re welcome.) which creates a heavily immersive and progressive sound which never falters. Even toward the ending your treated to a raucously tight drum roll that never seems to relent. The vocalist is just the cherry on the cake with his slightly Bruce Dickinson vocal style mixed with a slight grunge influence.

To check out The Wind The Sand The Stars which was released on March 8th, 2018 head on over to YouTube

Review by Amelia Vandergast