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NOODLE ARMS cling to autonomy on the surf rock waves in ‘Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Be Me’

If Pixies had spent more time in the Cali sun with the Beach Boys, Doolittle would have undoubtedly unfurled with the surfy grooves and psych-pop harmonies found in the latest single, Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Be Me from the Tel Aviv-based outfit, NOODLE ARMS.

The alt-indie pioneers founded in 2014, before morphing through a myriad of line-up changes and monikers before settling on this solid powerhouse of surf-rockers. On the basis of their latest release, it is safe to say that they’ve found the winning formula. Reminiscences aside, this sun-bleached call for respect over idiosyncratic autonomy wiggles right into the soul and sets up camp.

Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Be Me is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I See You: Mai Cohen recalls that fond memory transforms her mood on Somebody New

Realizing that you miss your ex is a striking moment in life. Mai Cohen takes us deep into her current picture that presently feels rather steamy and guaranteed to get the slow dance happening right now on Somebody New.

Mai Cohen is a Tel Aviv, Israel-based RnB/soul solo singer-songwriter who has been performing live since she was young and grew up in Hong Kong.

When she was 16, she participated on the second season of ‘The Voice – Israel’ and made it to the quarterfinals.” ~ Mai Cohen giving us further insight into her career so far

Packed with a delightful vocalist and a speaker-hugging mix to change your day around, Mai Cohen is at her natural best on the quality single to warm up any room with Somebody New.

Somebody New from Tel Aviv, Israel-based RnB/soul artist Mai Cohen is such a sweetly wrapped treat to keep in your coat pocket all night. Sung so beautifully and combining class and a vivid imagination to admire, this is a tender release when you know you would rather be with your ex right now.

Sometimes you just know what felt right when you needed it most.

Listen up to this fine single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tel Aviv’s latest luminary, ViRa has released her jazzy soul-pop debut EP, Non-Fiction.

The Tel Aviv-based singer-songwriter ViRa has released her highly anticipated debut EP, Non-Fiction; a collection of songs composed to become unmistakably yours. The jazzy nuances in the soulful pop textures retain their elegance right the way through her raw soundscapes, especially in the standout single, Traveling Face, which she uses to confess that home is not a place to her. The sonic signature in Traveling Face almost finds the middle ground between Phoebe Bridgers, Amy Winehouse, Nora Jones and Adele but all reminiscences are extremely fleeting in the presence of the artist’s distinction.

The singer-songwriter has been writing songs since the age of 8, along with the influence of her musical parents; she also took influence from the likes of King Crimson (that would explain the artfully entrancing elements) and Coldplay for her authentically ambitious sound.

Traveling Face is now available to stream on Spotify along with ViRa’s debut EP.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Comes And Goes: Tel Aviv rock band Selfish Gene urge us to open up the cards on ‘Cake’

Returning after a distance of twenty years since their last release to the world, Selfish Gene return with a tasty track from their much-anticipated five-track EP ‘Dream of Electric Guitars‘ called ‘Cake‘.

Selfish Gene is a Tel Aviv, Israel-based indie alt-rock band. After being hidden away like lost treasure for so long, they finally satisfy our starved souls with a performance that revitalizes all of our conscious senses, with a guitar-packed shock-wave of soundscapes to lather inside.

This is the story about wishing you knew certain things a long time ago, as it would of saved you so much trouble over the years. You now know that no one can create magic and that the luck of the cards is actually in your hands, as you unhealthily torment yourself for not knowing this valuable information before.

Cake‘ from the Tel Aviv, Israel-based indie rockers Selfish Gene, is a thunderous effort from a band who have clearly missed being together and making high-tempo music together. Sung with a heavy gusto and featuring a powerful background, this is a sterling effort from this experienced outfit. With that taste for making music together back inside their creative music-filled fingers, it feels like they have just started and are ready for more to follow.

Dreaming of those electric guitars in their sleep for so long, has certainly woken up this giant of a band from their enforced slumber.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Toffee Toes – All I Know: 2017’s Most Powerful Sound

Toffee Toes by Toffee Toes

Have reservations about Soul music?

You won’t after listening to Toffee Toes debut track All I Know. It’s impossible to stick a Genre on this band, there is no word to describe the sound when all that comes through is pure feeling through their Alternative, Progressive, Rock Pop riddling.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t quite expecting a sound so bad ass from a band named Toffee Toes. I thought I would be in store for a Twee installation of hell. I’ll hazard a guess and say it was a great triumph in irony that they were able to project such a naïve image with such a raucous beat.

The colourful band released their stand out track earlier this year and what they created with such a simple track was absolutely astounding. The track is a pure cacophony of Soul which reverberates through you with such empowering veracity that you’re powerless to the cascade of sound that drowns you in it poignantly upbeat rhythm.

Toffee Toes are a trio of musicians living in Tel Aviv, Israel dedicated to creating powerful music through their manipulation of rhythm and harmony that comes straight from the soul.

Head on over to BandCamp where you can listen to or download the debut single off their ground-breaking album: