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Its Just The Beginning: Tamworth musician Martin Reynolds urges us to never give up on ‘The Sky Ain’t The Limit’

Taken off his terrific new ten-track album named ‘Where There’s Hope‘, Martin Reynolds has us looking up above with a hopeful glance on ‘The Sky Ain’t The Limit‘.

Martin Reynolds is a Tamworth, United Kingdom-based indie folk/blues singer-songwriter, and acclaimed drummer. He fuses that inspiring music that has ready to get stuck in, as you reach for those dreams and never give up no matter what.

Usually found behind the skins for the grunge blues rockers, You Dirty Blue. Martin Reynolds has stepped out from behind the kit to put out his first ever solo record.” – Martin Reynolds

After impressing highly on the debut ‘Strange Days Indeed‘ from March 2021, we find Martin in top form yet again with a sterling effort that is packed full of authentic soul, with his excellently-written lyrics impressing highly.

‘The albums birth took place after the country went into lockdown, Knowing this was on the cards, he borrowed his band mate (Leon James) 24 track mixer and started demoing songs at home. As soon as the first set of restrictions were lifted he headed to his sanctuary (the now defunct Silky Studios) where he began laying tracks down.” – Martin Reynolds

With an inviting voice that has you feeling like you could watch him singing all day long, he has you feeling so calm and relaxed again after the windy storms that are slowly passing. This is so much to like here and the soundscape takes you to a better island – far from the madness and only with positive energy wrapped over your face – like a cold cloth soaked onto your simmering skin after a hot summers day.

The Sky Ain’t The Limit‘ from the tremendous Tamworth, England-based indie singer-songwriter Martin Reynolds, is a wonderfully self-motivating single that has you closing your eyes in belief. You know you need to up your game and never give in, as your goals are waiting for you if you are willing to really go for it and dig in deep. Only the strongest shall survive in this temptation-filled world.

Hear this new track on Spotify and follow his story via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen