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Ism has dropped his iconic cross over single, Grey Matter.

Any fans of John Grant’s deadpan witty drawl, Daft Punk’s danceable grooves and Nile Rodger’s guitars will soon get suckered into the latest electrifying indie synthpop track, Grey Matter, by up and coming artist Ism, featuring the soulful vocals from Roo.

Grey Matter is just one of the infectiously experimental singles found on Ism’s latest album, Blue Artist, that seamlessly entwines disco, funk, hip hop, synthpop and indie – to energizing effect. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Grey Matter is one of the best crossover tracks since RZA and Paul Banks formed Banks & Steelz.

Grey Matter is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Cavono has made his dark pop debut with the post-punk tinged album, Desires.


Texas-residing artist Cavono has released his debut album, Desires; the best introduction to his post-punk-style crooning, dark trip-hop beats and alt-indie guitars is the hypnotic standout single, Glass.

If you could imagine the aural result from fusing styles of Hozier, Big Black Delta and the Editors, you can get an idea of how much sex appeal spills from this moody, folky feat of alt-indie pop. From the first verse, you’re pulled into the semi-orchestral soundscape by the sheer magnetism of Cavono’s soulfully morose vocal timbre, making the haunting ethereal tones in the genre-obliterating track so much more phantasmal.

Desires officially released on August 6th; it is now available via apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Night Alone have released their cinematic indie-pop jam, Took My Breath Away.

With each new release being a refreshingly arranged amalgamation of pop, indie and rock, guessing what will come next from The Night Alone is an exercise in futility. Their latest single, Took My Breath Away, transcends both the synth-pop and indie pop-rock trends.

If the Editors brightened their tonal palette and opted for atmospherically euphoric vocals, you can get a sense of what The Night Alone brought to the airwaves with Took My Breath Away. The infectiously hook-filled earworm is prime material for your indie-pop summer playlists.

Took My Breath Away is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Magenta Dusk has made his retro synth-wave debut with ‘Give It Up’ featuring Sevda B.

For their retro pop debut, Magenta Dusk teamed up with Sevda B and released the synth-wave track, ‘Give It Up’. It’s exactly the kind of track that you’d want to be born in the wake of a global pandemic. It fits the mood with almost serendipitous accuracy; within the reverb-laced progressions, you’ll feel a sense of deep longing, reflecting and trepidation-infused hope.

The Nottingham-based synth-pop producer who seeks to find harmony within dark textures is sure to make waves with his debut single. He pulled plenty of soul-awakening harmony to the surface with Give It Up while simultaneously creating the perfect platform for Sevda B’s tentatively optimistic vocals that will undoubtedly speak those with a tendency to lean towards existentialism.

Give It Up is available to stream and download via Magenta Dusk’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alt Synth Pop Artist Catelyst is Dropping Euphoric Ingenuity on the Airwaves with their Debut Release

Alt Dance Pop artist and producer Catelyst made their sonically-charged 2020 debut with the single “Circles” featuring Cristy Santos, the energetic synthy track immediately garnered plenty of acclaim. Considering that the track has more Funk than Daft Punk and searing infusions of Alt Rock, it’s easy to see why.

Yet, the debut single was much more than just flawlessly captivating rhythmic grooves. There was plenty of magnetic soul to attach yourself to alongside the playful eccentric nature of Catelyst’s production and lyrical style.

It wasn’t long before Catelyst followed on from the release of Circles with the release of two more singles which will also be found on their upcoming 10 track EP. Beside You and When I Leave also stand as a striking testament of Catelyst’s ability to throw away archetypal genre constraints and let their artistic expression create high-octane euphoria-awakening soundscapes

If we were still allowed to hit dancefloors, we’d be more than happy to ingest the up and coming artist and producer’s earworms on them.

You can check out Catelyst’s latest tracks for yourselves via Spotify. Make sure to give them a follow, if the first three tracks from their debut EP are anything to go by, you won’t want to miss out on the rest.

Review by Amelia Vandergast