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Texas hip hop luminary G Peoples radiates in his latest single, Shine.

Texas’ brightest hip hop luminary, G Peoples, has pushed the envelope even further with the release of his single, Shine, which brings new soul to old school. The short and sweet hit uses its 2:22-minute duration to lull you into a state of optimism as G Peoples shares his infectious attitude over warm, jazzy and almost ethereal tones.

The artist, rapper, songwriter and entrepreneur’s career quickly gained traction with his debut single in 2019. It is no surprise that so many people have found meaning in his motivating lyricism and contemporary indie take on the soundscapes that have been winning us over since Uptown Records changed the face of hip hop forever.

Shine is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

New York’s hip hop scene got hotter with Blvff’s latest single, Sun Showers

Since making his debut in 2018, Blvff has continued to swathe the airwaves with hip hop tracks that refuse to fall in line with the rest; his playful candour proves that the only thing he takes seriously is the quality of his charismatic tracks.

His latest single, Sun Showers, is a vibrantly experimental mash of EDM, hip hop and Afro-Beat; high vibe hip hop doesn’t get much higher than the short and sweet tropic track. Hit play, and you will find that there is still plenty of room on New York’s hip hop map for the artist, engineer and producer.

Sun Showers is now available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Montana Stax brings hazy summer trap vibes in ‘Celine’.

Montana Stax

The latest track, Celine, from the East Coast hip hop artist Montana Stax is already well on its way to going viral; in the week after its release, it racked up 90k streams on SoundCloud alone.

Any fans of RZA, Method Man and Ghostface Killah will find that vibing with Montana Stax’ wildly expressive vocals is all too easy, while the hazy, summery trap instrumentals bring a touch of serenity to the amourously electric track which is just one of the singles on Stax’ new project, How I Spent My Vacation 2.

You can check out Celine for yourselves here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Joize raises the temperature with the tropic beats in his latest urban EDM single, ‘Choices’

With plenty of popular releases already under his belt since making his debut in 2018, there was a fair amount of expectation on Joize’s latest single, Choices, it’s safe to say that he has raised the bar once more with his reggae vibes and vibrant danceable beats.

A single can rarely speak to your rhythmic pulses as much as it speaks to your soul, but this sweetly seductive release resonates mind, body and soul. Through his RnB Reggae vocals and the glitchy bass-dubbed trip-hop beats, Joize created the ultimate summer RnB playlist staple.

Choices is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Just Love makes ‘No Promises’

Just Love

Hailing from Long Island, New York, Just Love’s knack for narrative lyrics started out as a penchant for short-story writing; switching that word-craft from prose to song-writing, spinning colourful, evocative verses and catchy little hooks in the style of Drake, The Weeknd, or Jay Z.

‘No Promises’ is Just Love’s debut single, produced by the perennial Lucas Quinn; it’s chilled, pulled-back, JL’s flow sitting tidily atop swelling synth parts and stop-start old-school hi hat beats. There’s an easy confidence about the track, rolling vocal delivery meshing tidily with the backing, the whole thing grooving and grinding in equal measure; ‘No Promises’ might be Just Love’s debut, but despite the title this certainly shows promise for the future.

Check out Just Love here.

Review by Alex Holmes

Triple Crown Don created the ultimate ‘now or never’ hip hop anthem with his single, ‘24’.

Triple Crown Don

Up and coming Toronto-residing hip hop artist, Triple Crown Don is set to release his high vibe hip hop anthem, 24. The tropic touch to the drill-style 808s allows 24 to run through as the ultimate summer hip hop playlist staple.

Triple Crown Don’s artistic hunger and infectious energy resonate through his deadpan bars that deliver introspection that is sure to get you as amped-up as the momentum in this grounded, motivational hit. If he’s not already on your radar, he deserves to be.

You can check out Triple Crown Don via SoundCloud, Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Feenyx – Atlantan rap with a brand new ‘Horizon’

Raised by The Church and honed by the streets, Atlanta-based hip-hop artist and producer Feenyx is far from the typical rapper; on new single ‘Horizon’ we get a fresh combination of thunderous bass mixed with sampled brass and horns underlying Feenyx’s unique flow and grind. There’s elements of Snoop in here, little flourishes kind of reminiscent of Snow and that bombastic, edge-of-reggae delivery, it’s brash, loud, and in your face, with a catchy hook and that big, bold three-note ostinato phrase that lodges in your head for hours after listening. ‘Horizon’ is already getting national radio play, and – as Feenyx’s first single of 2021 – promises to be dropping hot in the clubs this summer.

You can check out the video for ‘Horizon’ on YouTube; find Feenyx here.

Review by Alex Holmes


AK Diorr. takes us on a ride with his latest melodic hip hop single, ‘CHROME FORGIATOS’.

With so much hype around LA-based singer-songwriter AK Diorr., we dove into his latest single, CHROME FORGIATOS. The grooves in the light and ambient feat of melodically sun-bleached hip hop instantly affirmed how Diorr. has garnered so much acclaim since his debut single, ‘Eager’, dropped in 2020.

CHROME FORGIATOS may explore lavish excess, but the through his magnetism and the romanticism of the soundscape that breaks the monocultural mould, the track becomes so much more than just another series of status symbol boasts. You would struggle to find more soul in a contemporary hip hop track.

It’s easy to predict his trajectory to the top soaring in 2021 and beyond. Save a space for him on your radar.

CHROME FORGIATOS is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Constant Flow make the bass thump with ‘Pac Lyfe’

It’s been a bad few weeks for rap and hip hop, with the recent tragic deaths of both DMX and Double K, but it’s just possible there’s the slightest little glimmer of light in that darkness with ‘Pac Lyfe’, the new single from Floridian crew Constant Flow. Taken from new album ‘Unexpected – The Mixtape’, ‘Pac Lyfe’ grooves and grinds like proper old school dirty, gritty hip hop should, all deep bass, 808 beats, and smooth, lyrical flow.

It’s grimy, it’s sexy, and at times it’s downright despicable, all thump and punch, hard-hitting bass beats sitting behind that repetitive ‘…I can make the bass thump…’ vocal stamp; and yes. Yes, they absolutely can. You should check it out, right now, before the foundations crumble.

Hear ‘Pac Lyfe’, and the rest of ‘Unexpected – the Mixtape’, on Spotify; check out Constant Flow on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

B7ayre prepares us for ‘Summer Days’ with his latest single

Instead of dropping a mindlessly archetypal summer hip hop track, B7ayre is here with his latest single, ‘Summer Days’, which resoundingly reminds you that the days getting longer isn’t a guarantee of your life instantly getting better.

With the sun-bleached reggae and blues-infused Hip Hop beats bringing the high vibes and B7ayre’s bars demanding that you stay grounded in reality while the track runs through, it’s an exceptionally subversive track that breaks the mould and blows your mind while doing so.

You can check out the official video to Summer Days that dropped on March 1st via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast