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Castlemill – Ancients: The Exotically Cinematic Soundtrack You’ll Want to Get Lost In

With a touch of Arabian Nights and a hint of the same progressive energy as Ramin Djawadi’s soundtracks the alluringly exotic track ‘Ancients’ by Castlemill unfolds. The instrumental only progression packs plenty of momentum leaving no room for vocals. The constantly pushing, fluid high-octane style of the track moves steadily yet also with a sense of urgency toward the fade out of the track.

Whilst other recent tracks from Castlemill such as ‘Video Game Rock’ may be a little heavier and more industrial inclined than Ancients there is something almost primal about the polished soundscapes which comes alive through the rhythmic temper. Yet, it has to be said the globally-inspired mix, didn’t truly grip me until the raw beauty of the piano against the classical strings was able to lead the track into one of the most melodically intricate instrumental solo’s I’ve potentially ever heard.

You can check out Ancients along with Castlemill’s other original OST pieces by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Tania Ilyashova -A gentle sound clash of genres

Like all the best music, it is hard to pigeonhole Pull Me Closer in terms of genre and style. It may be easy to identify certain core musical building blocks, soul, ambient piano, R&B sophistication, emotive world vibes, pop balladry, but they are so deftly wound through each other, so well spliced that the result is a natural, new and unique style. Tania Ilyashova is an expert at taking existing sounds and bending them to her musical will and the result is just gorgeous.

As a calling card for her recent e.p. Travelling Light, this track is like a beacon to guide discerning music fans through the dangerously hard to navigate waters that modern pop and R&B has become, a reassurance that there is a rewarding and safe place to head for. Here they will find music which has an understanding of the musical roots of such genres, which is blended seamlessly in a new and sublime fashion and then serves these musical traditions and creative threads for a whole new audience. Ambient yet groovesome at the same time, and in Tania’s hands it feels effortless.