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Sadie Jemmett – OK.WOW: Succinctly Sweet Soul Tinged with Political Insanity

Whilst Sadie Jemmett’s latest single OK.WOW started off with a rather questionable use of sampling, the rest of the track was one of the purest offerings of R&B Jazz Soul that you could hope for.

Sadie created one of the most succinctly grounding tracks I’ve checked out this year. As the track flows through her domineeringly blissful voice that pours out pure pensive soul is accompanied with some Donald Trump sampling to create the perfect contrast between his belligerent idle rambling accompanied with Sadie’s cathartic vocal offering. The brass used in the track allowed the Jazz roots of the soundscape to bleed through, whilst the contemporarily fresh trap style beat reverberated through the synergy laid down through Jemmett’s vocals.

If you want to be sobered by some succinctly sweet Soul you can check out Sadie Jemmett’s latest single OK.WOW on Spotify now. The track title will make a lot of sense after you do. Each one of Sadie Jemmett’s eloquent tracks stand as testament to her uniquely potent potential, yet with OK.WOW the singer songwriter may have surpassed herself.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


J.J. Leone – Silver Lining: Urban Aural Alchemy

With his new track Silver Lining J.J. Leone proved that he’s an R&B triple threat as a songwriter, vocalist and producer. The down-tempo mesmerising R&B & Soul beat brought the genre into the 21st century. There aren’t many R&B tracks that incorporate a blisteringly beautiful guitar solo into the progression and J.J. Leone proved that, that is exactly where they are going wrong. The licks of the guitar grip you after you’ve moved through the waves of the cathartic sound within the not so quintessential R&B beats, each snare of the drum is crystal clear and viscerally poignant against the off-beat rhythms of the guitar. All that is without mentioning J.J. Leone’s evocative vocals which moved me more than any other R&B Soul track I’ve checked out this year.

If you’re looking for a smooth R&B track to add some soul to your playlists You can check out J.J. Leone’s single Silver Lining on SoundCloud now which was released in May 2018. I’m sure you’ll agree after checking out Leone’s urban aural alchemy that he has everything it takes to rise up from the underground with his prodigally pioneering sound.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Thoko – Fallin’: Veraciously Mesmerising R&B & Soul

There are some tracks that you listen to for the first time and it takes a while for you to feel the beat, then there are those that bowl you over from the first chord. Thoko Namuya’s latest single Fallin’ is absolutely the latter. The Piano intro to her African twist on Neo Soul masterpiece production lay down the perfect melody for her succinctly sultry vocal approach to resonate through the soundscape. Whilst Fallin’ falls close to the R&B & Soul genre, Thoko’s style is so much more, the multi-layered sound is an orchestration of fluidity, the title may be Fallin’, but contained within the Jazz infused harmonies was a transcendence directed by Thoko’s vocals guiding you to a new plateau. To create her latest single Fallin’ Thoko teamed up with producer VtheVowel who polished the track to absolute perfection.

You can check out Thoko’s veraciously mesmerising latest single which was released April 23rd, 2018 on SoundCloud now along with her other standout single Down.

To stay up to date with all of Thoko’s stunning new singles connect with her via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


SYBS – The reinvention of soul

SYBS is one of those artists who, despite working in the contemporary world of soulful, R&B infused pop, also manages to remind us of a host of great names from Roberta Flack to Witney Houston to Toni Braxton. And that, of course, is the secret isn’t it? It  often isn’t really about inventing new genres, or gene-splicing musical styles which have no business getting that intimate, that rarely works anyway. No, the art is to create music which is both of the here and now and yet subtly references the past. A blend of the fresh and familiar, new but just with a slight touch of nostalgia.

The Sweetest Taboo is a taste of how the whole R&B, pop-soul and funk genres thread their way through the modern commercial world. They build their sounds through the technologies available, clothe themselves with dance drives and pop enthusiasm and take their sound out of the niche markets of the past and spread them to a wide range of musical movers and discerning pop pickers and artist like SYBS are certainly leading that charge.


Dwight James & The Royals – A right royal smooth groove

Whilst other artists try to create the future, attempt to build new genres, force musical styles together in an attempt to stay ahead of the curve, Dwight James and his regal musical posse known as The Royals, know that there is a better way. They carefully sift through the past, gather their favourite sounds and uses those building blocks to create music which both nods to the past and carries some of its musical ideals into a new sunrise and present it to a new audience but without resorting to the nostalgia ticket. This is music of the here and now, but for once it is honest enough to wear its musical heart on its velvet jacketed sleeves.

Need Your Loving is a sumptuous collection of sounds, revelling in funky grooves, soulful vocals, gently flexed R&B muscle and a retro-vibe coating. It tips its natty fedora to a glorious pop heritage whilst striding confidently into a hazy, nu-soul future. Music is cyclical, we all know that and such stridently groovesome music has never really gone out of fashion, not once you get beyond the fabrications and corporate facades of the modern music business. Some may see this as a retro laced musical exercise, and that is fair enough, but having accepted that music is cyclical and fashions always come back around I prefer to see this twelve-legged package of wonderfully mellifluous sounds as way ahead of the curve rather than still riding the last wave.


Cayla Brooke – Fool: Soulful Instrumental Alchemy

There’s not many tracks that can make my jaw drop as the instrumentals kick in, yet, Cayla Brooke’s band created such soulful instrumental alchemy in her latest single Fool the hairs instantly stood up on the back of my neck.

Combined with her huskily glorious vocal style the 5-minute track Fool provides an almost transcendentally blissful Neo Jazz experience. The progression of the track is lifted through the soaring guitar riffs and cacophonous offerings from the brass section. I’ve never been much of a Jazz Rock fan before listening to Cayla Brooke’s track Fool, but it’s safe to say I’m now a convert to her sweet yet domineeringly sultry style which is created using an infusion of genres she’s used to mould her iconic style. The Vancouver based singer songwriter has received nothing but critical acclaim for her standout style, and it really is no wonder considering her glistening charisma and heart wrenching lyricism. With each track from her latest album Plush Red Chair she mixes up her style weaving from ballads to dance tunes.

Check out Cayla Brooke’s latest single Fool from her album Plush Red Chair via her website

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Tekla Waterfield – Original Lies: 90’s Nostalgic Pop

I grew up on the iconic sounds of 90’s female Pop acts; Texas, Garbage, Catatonia and The Cranberries to name a few. So, when I checked out the fresh new track Original Lies by the sensational Pop act Tekla Waterfield I was blown away by the nostalgia that is entrenched in the sound. She has a unique sensibility to her vocal style, however her vocal range is somewhat reminiscent to one of my favourite current artists Courtney Barnett. Yet it’s clear, that Tekla Waterfield is more than any sound that has been orchestrated before. The singer songwriter found her own essence within her poignantly palpable harmonies which she’s infused with the roots of her Seattle sound. Her sounds tend to bounce between Folk, Jazz, Indie and Blues through her discography proving that she’s one of the most eclectically talented underground artists around today.

With Original Lies, Tekla has created an anthemically catchy Pop hit, complete with an irresistibly catchy chorus that even Kim Gordon would give 5 stars.

Check out the sensational Pop hit Original Lies on SoundCloud:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


KNDÉ – Just Friends: Pensively Evocative Rhythm and Blues

Up & coming London based Soul Blues singer-songwriter KNDÉ has just released her instant classic of a track Just Friends. Her first ever solo track perfectly encapsulates that super weird stage in a relationship where you can’t really stand the sight of each other, but the other person is kind of handy to have around. We’ve all been there and KNDÉ knew just how to make a beautiful sound from it in a charmingly conversational way. KNDÉ created her own pioneering sound after taking influence from iconic artists such as Sade, Lauryn Hill, Paolo Nutini and Kwabs so if you’re a fan of a nostalgia soaked urban rhythmic ballad, you’re in for a treat with KNDÉ’s latest track Just Friends. Her raw approach to sound removes the plasticity from the Pop influence and provides an evocative almost pensive feel. Well, it wouldn’t be blues if it wasn’t raw right?

You can check out KNDÉ’s brand-new track Just Friends on SoundCloud

Keep up to date with all KNDÉ’s new releases & news via Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Steve Nichol of Loose Ends returns with new single after 28 years

The long wait is finally over!  Steve Nichol of Loose Ends decided to let us have a feel of what we’ve all been missing for the last couple of decades once more. This is sure an awesome surprise to a lot of people that followed the Loose Ends musical evolution since the 80’s.

Loose Ends the original champions of the British funk and soul scene in 1980s, have been silent for almost 30 years. However, the lead composer of their material has RETURNED after 28 years of music break/silence; Steve Nichol is set to embark on his first solo project and marked the start of this return with the release of his debut single Dangerous Romance, released earlier this month.

Steve Nichol’s debut solo album brings back a lot of good old memories, it’s as usual, an excellent piece that’s well knotted with a magnificent music bow tie. It’s just sleek and wavy soul music.

This song genre is more of those 80’s RnB and Soul  sensation . The idea to have Ellen Masri as the featured pretty soul vocalist on this music made the song a colossal hit on its own.

The song still draws influence from artists such as Stevie Wonder and Brenda Russell, legendary and timeless artists who inspired Nichol when writing for Loose Ends.

‘Dangerous Romance’ is lyrically vibrant and calming, more so,  even meticulously debonair  as its soulful jazz-like percussion and rosey synth riff all the way up. The melody is blanketed and warmed by a synth counterpart reminiscent of the 80’s playful RnB and Soul music stereo wave.

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Solomons Garden – Wolf: A Celestial Old School Soul Fusion

The Misfits without a cause Solomons Garden are back with a brand-new EP and their experimental Soulful sound is sweeter than ever. The Kent, UK based collective of artists are no strangers to making fresh new Indie Soul mixes, they create tantalising mixes of Old School Soul with synthy R&B to achieve their stunning music. Their perfectly penned lyrics have a way of reaching into the depths of emotion, with their latest single Wolf the band majestically conjure a heart wrenchingly reflective aura of empathy that flows not only through the lyrics, but through the evocatively powerful array of vocal talent which the track offers. The independent artists experimental sounds are boundless, they bounce between Neosoul and Easy Jazz to create a vibrant sound I can guarantee you won’t have heard the likes of before.

Check out Solomons Garden’s soulful vibes with their latest track Wolf on SoundCloud using the link below:

Follow Solomons Garden on Facebook & stay up to date with their latest hits:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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